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My First Real Post

So, welcome to my blog. Eventually, I’ll be putting pictures of Mary, Lizzie, James, and of course the most important person, me. Ok, not really the most important. So, I was trying to figure out what my first post should be about and figured that I would state the progress of my book is going.

The title of my book is “The Amethyst of Esam Alee.” It is supposed to be the first of either a 3 or 4 book series. No, I don’t intend to be like Robert Jordan and write umpteen books and then die before I can truly finish my work. In “The Amethyst of Esam Alee” there are 3 storylines that people follow: 1. Eli and the Dwarves 2. Lizzie, Alex, and the Trolls 3. Val Merk. I originally started the book in 2005 and wrote only a few chapters. In 2006, I restarted the story deciding that the first few chapters I had written were just not what I was wanting. So from 2006-2008 I wrote the first draft, the majority of it being done between July and December 2008. I started on the 2nd draft earlier this year. When I got to a certain point in the book, I wasn’t sure how I really wanted the chapters ordered, so I separated them into the three storylines. Currently, I have completed Eli’s storyline as well as Lizzie’s. I started on Val’s, which I intend to only be four chapters long. I am currently on the 2nd one. I will go through the entire book at least 2 more times to make sure I catch every error and give every useful detail. Of course, people don’t like that it’s ending in a cliff hanger. Oh well 🙂

Once it is done, I intend to send my manuscript to at least 15 agents. Hopefully one of them will like it. Or, if you ask a few people I know “they will like it.”

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