Big Brother VHS Coming Soon

(So, I’m going to use some of my creative writing skills to tell the story of what could happen if eleven of my high school friends and myself were to enter the Big Brother house. Today I’m going to be introducing the 12 contestants alphabetically. I am only using 1st names, but the twelve can figure out who everyone else is hopefully by their own memories. Oh, and by the way, we’re going to pretend that before this story starts, none of these 12 have met one another.)

Aaron – A metro-sexual, male fashionista who is a huge fan of Elvis Presley and Jay Leno. Will this guy use his skill at entertaining to entertain his way to the top prize?

Ariel – A somewhat quiet girl who knows how to use her voice when needed. She also is a very talented musician and very skilled card player. Will she prove to be a card shark and pull an ace out of the hole for the win?

Britt – A girl who likes the facts and is uninterested in idle gossip. She is a lover, not a fighter. Will she be able to woo her way into becoming the ultimate houseguest?

Bruce – A guy who likes to flirt his way into the best possible position. He is very disciplined given his military background. Will this army guy convince the house that he deserves the final prize?

Casey – A sporty girl with a changeable style. She is good at keeping her wits about her, especially during game time. Will she be able to use her cool head to get herself to the top?

Emily – An exotic girl with likable charm. She has a way of showing everyone that she has no need to fight for her status. Will this charmer be able to keep everyone at bay as she wins the game?

James – A guy’s guy with the ability to keep good female friends. He’s got a sports and military background. Will this all-around guy go in for the all-around win?

Jon –  A guy who is passionate for his guns and his religion. He is insistent at keeping those around him protected. Will this protector be able to save the best vote for last?

Kimmy – A cute girl who is as loveable as a puppy. She’s an intelligent teacher. Will this lovable girl be able to school the competition?

Maggie – A girl who is always the life of the party. She’s got brains, looks, and attitude. Will this party girl have fun as she lets everyone else watch her win?

Patrick – A loveable dork who is too nice to hate. He’s got a way of keeping attention off of him. Will this attention deflector be able to deflect it long enough to be in the game at the end?

Tim – A creative guy who likes to use his random ideas to keep people entertained.  Will this Big Brother VHS creator write his way to victory?

Ok, there you have them folks. The 12 contestants entering the fictional Big Brother VHS house. Which one of them will be the first Head of Household? Who will he or she nominate? Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used? And who will be evicted from the Big Brother VHS house first? Find out tomorrow as the first week of the story pans out, until then, I’m interested in your comments. 🙂

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