Big Brother VHS – Week 1

Welcome to Big Brother VHS. This is the first week in the exciting event that’ll take place. With our cast of 12 contestants and the wonderful host Julie Chen, we are pleased to bring you this installment of Big Brother.

As a recap, our twelve houseguests are: Aaron, Ariel, Britt, Bruce, Casey, Emily, James, Jon, Kimmy, Maggie, Pat, and Tim. They all entered the Big Brother house with a wonderful HoH competition.

HoH Competition 1: The 12 houseguests were forced to stand atop a pillar holding on to a ring. The 12 got really bored, really fast. Aaron and Jon dropped out after 5 minutes, though Jon stated that he was playing the crowd in hiding how strong he really was. Pat, Bruce, Kimmy, Emily, and Ariel dropped out of the next ten minutes, Emily and Ariel stating that they were really getting bored. Britt fell out next stating the her arms were hurting. Maggie decided that she didn’t want a target on her back and dropped next. This left James, Casey, and Tim. Casey made a bold move, hoping none of the other contestants were listening. She asked both boys that if she dropped out that they wouldn’t nominate her. James and Tim agreed and she dropped out. James, thinking that this was a good idea, told Tim that if he would drop out, he wouldn’t nominate him. Tim agreed and fell, making James the first HoH of Big Brother VHS (what, you think I’d be the first one, whatever!)

Nomination Ceremony 1: No one wants to be the first one out of the house. A quick alliance seemed to form between James, Casey, and Tim since the HoH competition. James wasn’t sure who to nominate just from knowing everyone for such a short period of time. So, James asked for Casey and Tim’s advice in the game. Bonds were already forming between Kimmy and Maggie. But instead of making them targets for eviction it would be easier to join up in a 5-man alliance. James agreed not to nominate them. Jon and Bruce seemed to have formed a good friendship. So had Aaron and Britt. Emily and Ariel didn’t seem to be a threat as both were so kind and pleasant to have around the house.

With the nominations looming, tensions flared. An argument erupted between Bruce and Britt. He says he was trying to make a point and she argued that he was wrong. No one knew what the argument was about but it turned into an all-out war. Seeing this as advantageous to their situation, Tim and Casey suggest nominating the two ‘B’s. But when Kimmy overheard a conversation between Britt, Jon, and Aaron to make sure that James goes the following week,  she immediately reports this to her alliance of James/Maggie/Tim/Casey.

(For those of you that don’t understand this, here’s a quick explanation. The HoH places keys into a large box and pulls a key out stating that this person is safe. That person then pulls out the next key, and so forth and so on. If you don’t get your key, you’re nominated.)

Finally, at the nomination ceremony, the keys were pulled out. James’ speech before it was subtle, but made a point: “This is the first week. No one wants to be evicted first, but someone’s got to go. This is a mean game and hearsay is all you can go by.” He pulled out Emily’s key first, hoping to hide his alliances. Emily then pulled out Maggie’s key. This was followed by: Jon, Tim, Ariel, Casey, Pat, Bruce, and Kimmy, thus making Britt and Aaron the first nominees.

POV 1: The Power of Veto features only 6 players, the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three houseguests drawn at random. James drew Bruce’s name. Britt pulled Tim’s name. And Aaron pulled “Houseguest’s Choice” and opted for Jon, hoping that Jon would use the PoV to save either himself or Britt. The competition featured them wearing goggles and knee and elbow pads. Various colored bouncy balls flew from over the back wall into the backyard where they had to find the green bouncy balls and put them into their buckets. The person with the most bouncy balls would win the PoV. Bruce didn’t really care about the competition and was avoiding getting hit in his personal section. James and Tim wanted to keep the nominees the same, as they weren’t sure if Jon would. After ten minutes of running after green bouncy balls the tallies are done. Bruce had zero. James got 2. Tim got 3. Jon got 3. Aaron found 5. But Britt won the competition easily with 9 of the green bouncy balls. At the PoV ceremony, she had no trouble stating that she was vetoing her nomination. Forced to grab a replacement nominee, James names Jon who will now have to fight for his ability to stay.

Eviction #1: The first eviction for Big Brother VHS was a tough choice. Aaron did his best to commandeer some votes by trying to help Kimmy with her sunblock, cook dinner for everyone, assist Tim and Bruce in the workout room. Jon played it differently. He went to James and asked if he was the target. When James said no, Jon was pleased, but wanted to make sure things went his way. Before the voting began, James met with his alliance. There were only 9 votes and he wanted to make sure that at least 5 of them went to get rid of Aaron. Maggie, Kimmy, Casey, and Tim all agreed they would be voting out Aaron. Casey reminded James that Bruce was voting out Aaron. Aaron decided to try and convince Pat, Emily, and Ariel that the rest of the house was in a conspiracy so that they should team up and vote out Jon.  At the eviction the votes are cast. Each of the other houseguests go into the Diary Room to privately cast their votes.

Votes to evict Aaron: Ariel, Bruce, Casey, Emily, Kimmy, Maggie, Pat, Tim

Votes to evict Jon: Britt

It’s 8-1, Aaron is out of the house and the game.

HoH #2: (Come on, it’s more fun this way to know who the next HoH is). At the 2nd HoH competition, James is not permitted to play. The other 10 houseguests play in a competition called “How Well Do You Know Your Home?” They are asked questions about the house and what is in there. If they get the question right, they remain in the game. If they get it wrong, they are out. The first people eliminated were out on the 3rd question. Pat, Britt and Emily were the first out. On the 4th question, it was Bruce, Kimmy, and Jon who got it wrong. The next question everyone got right. Casey was out on the next one. Maggie, Tim, and Ariel get the next one right. Then there is the tiebreaker question. It is a numbered answer and whoever gets closest wins HoH. The question is “How long have you been in the Big Brother house in seconds?” Maggie decides to play it smart and put 1 second expecting Tim and Ariel to go too high. Ariel does go too high, but Tim outguesses Maggie as he put down 10 seconds and becomes the 2nd HoH.

Who will Tim nominate? And who will be the next person evicted? But most importantly, who is going to win this mockery of a game? (Oh, for those that are realy contestants in this game, since the first two people evicted have no chance of playing the game, the real fun will begin next week when someone will actually be given the opportunity to name their nominees. If not, I’ll choose them for that person. Then the rest of the people will get a chance to vote. Come one, how fun is this?)


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  1. I like the start Tim. Not because I win the first challenge. It’s just intriguing how you write it all out. I’m interested to see where it all goes from here!

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