2nd Draft Complete

Yes, two things in the book writing department.

1st: I found out that Utah Valley University (where I got my Bach. in Acct) is hosting a workshop for writers and readers. I’m not so concerned with the readers portion of it, but I’m excited for the writers part. I’ve convinced Mary to let me go to the conference that is 2 months away. But still, I’m excited for the opportunity to learn and, even more important, network. I’m actually going to use one of my remaining days off for the year there. It’s that worth it to me.

2nd: I finished the 2nd draft of The Amethyst of Esam Alee a story I’ve been working on for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, I’ve got to go through the book at least two more times. But, it thankfully does mean that I’m the next step closer to actually sending it to agents, which means I may one day be published. We’ll see.

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