Big Brother-VHS Week 3

(So, this will become a Monday & Thursday thing until the end of the BB-VHS game. Mostly, this way it gets over sooner and people have less time to be mad at one another, if that occurs. It is not my intent to offend, only have fun and be creative.)

With Casey winning the 3rd HoH of Big Brother it means that the “Powerhouse 3” have been in power in each of the three weeks. James was HoH, then Tim, and now Casey. So it was no surprise that the 3 sat in the HoH room strategizing after Casey’s victory. She asked for their opinions on who should be nominated. Tim and James agree on Pat and Jon. Casey asked what they think about Maggie and Bruce. Casey stated that she wasn’t feeling too close to them. Tim tried not to give away his second alliance with Kim/Maggie, by saying that both are good options. No big drama happens as everyone’s feeling confident that Casey’s not going to nominate them, except for Pat. After Casey’s blowup from the previous week, it would be a huge shocker to the house if Pat isn’t nominated.

However, other alliances had been created over the past little while. Pat/Ariel/Bruce were becoming stronger friends. Bruce and Jon had continued their bond. Tim continued assuring Maggie and Kim that they were safe. Emily became in the good graces with Casey as the two made a secret alliance, keeping Emily’s intent of flying under the radar going. James also had a hidden alliance with Jon and Bruce, thinking that if Tim were to join in they’d have a good 4-guy alliance.

Nomination ceremony #3: Casey had decided that she was going to do what she wanted to do. She made the decision that she felt was best for her and her game. At the table, before the ceremony, Casey said, “This decision was for me and me alone.” She pulled the first key from the nomination box and said, “Tim you are safe.” Tim stood up and pulled out a key. “Kimmy, you are safe.” Kimmy followed and pull out James’ key. James then pulled out Ariel’s. Emily’s was pulled out next, followed by Jon’s. And finally, Jon pulled out Maggie’s key. Casey stated why she nominated the two men. “Pat and Bruce, you were nominated because I feel the furthest from the two of you.” Also, she believed that they had an alliance with Ariel, and saw the alliance as a problem since she had her own to keep.

PoV challenge #3: With Casey, Bruce, and Pat automatically playing, the three picked players for the PoV challenge. Casey drew out Jon’s name. Bruce pulled out Tim and Pat got Maggie. Maggie stated that she had no intention on using it if she won. Tim wasn’t sure whether or not he would want to use the power and decided he didn’t want to win it so he wouldn’t have to make that decision. Jon was thinking he’d pull Bruce, his closest ally, off the nominations. Pat and Bruce were of course going to use it and Casey planned on not using it all.

Game time. There were six large piggy banks with a large coin slot on each of them on top of a large table. Each piggy was a different color. Ten, color-coordinated oversized pennies were behind the piggies matching the banks. One by one, each contestant would be putting pennies into the piggy banks. The chosen order was random. The person with the most pennies without going over 15 would win the power of Veto. The other contestants and the other houseguests would not be permitted to see who put how many pennies into each piggy. Maggie started, having no trouble, she put 5 pennies into Bruce’s bank. She then decided to give 3 to herself and 1 to Jon and Tim each. Next it was Casey. She decided to give Bruce half of her pennies and Pat the other half. All she cared about is that neither of her nominees won the PoV. Pat went next. He gave himself 6 and Bruce 4, thinking that it’d be easier for both of them to survive if one of them got off the block. Jon went next, giving 5 of his to Bruce, hoping to help him out, gave one to himself, 2 to Maggie and Tim each. Bruce went next. He gave himself 2, thinking that others would put enough to put his total high. He gave Casey 4, hoping that others would be pushing her over, and decided to give Pat 4 as well. Tim went last. There was no rule against touching the piggy bank, so he gently shifted each one to feel the weight in them. Bruce’s felt heavy so he left it alone, thinking that he’d put Bruce over. Pat’s wasn’t nearly as heavy so he put half of his coins in there. Thinking that Jon would take Bruce off he gave 2 coins to Jon and, without moving his own, he put 3 coins in his piggy bank. Afterward, they each had a hammer to smash the piggie’s with. Bruce went first and was disappointed to see 21 coins in his. Casey was shocked that she had only 4 in her pig. Tim was surprised when was in the lead with 6. Pat went next and showed 20 coins, again going over. Maggie pulled out 5 and Jon had 4. This mean, unwillingly, Tim had won. Looking back, he decided he should’ve given his to Maggie or Casey.

PoV ceremony #3: Pat and Bruce did their best to get Tim to use the PoV on them. Pat tried to strike a deal with the person who had nominated him the previous week. Bruce’s offer was more tempting. Tim was let in on the four-man alliance between Jon, Bruce, James, and Tim. James and Tim sat and privately discussed their own alliance with Casey and how she seemed to do her own thing lately. Tim then went to Casey to ask who would be nominated if he vetoed a nominee. Casey told him that she’d be putting Maggie up. Tim asked who Casey’s target was and found out that it was Pat. Tim had a tough choice to make and no one, not even Tim, knew what would happen. But, in the end, Tim decided to keep the nominees the same and not mess with Casey, since he was still on her good side.

Eviction #3: Maggie and Kim assured Pat that he was safe, thinking that everyone else would vote for Bruce. However, that wasn’t the plan. Tim, James, and Jon did their best to secure a fourth vote. In a discussion between Tim, Casey, and Emily, Tim was assured by Emily that she would vote for Pat. Ariel and Bruce talked about it and Ariel agreed to keep him safe. Maggie and Kim, on the other hand spoke with each girl (Emily and Ariel) to get assuredness that Bruce would be going. But when Ariel and Emily were alone in the backyard, they found out how they were the ones with the power and a new alliance was created. Did they wish to go with the guys or the girls? Keeping Bruce would keep targets off their backs, while keeping Pat could stir up a lot more. And then it was time to vote. Tim voted to evict Pat. Kimmy voted to evict Bruce. Jon voted to evict Pat. Maggie voted to evict Bruce. James voted to evict Pat. Ariel voted to evict Pat. Emily voted to evict Pat. By a vote of 5-2 Pat was sadly evicted from the Big Brother-VHS house. He kindly gave everyone and hug and walked out the front door.

HoH #4: Not permitted to play, Casey sat in the sideline to watch the event. Ariel, Bruce, Emily, James, Jon, Kimmy, Maggie, and Tim all stood on a middle step to play a game called “Higher-Lower” for the coveted HoH power. Each question was going to come with a false answer. If the contestant believed the answer was higher then they step back to the higher step. If they thought it was lower, then they step down. The person with the most correct answers after 7 questions, would win HoH. The first question was answered correctly by everyone. Jon and Tim got the second one wrong. Only Ariel got the third question right. Everyone got the fourth one correct. Ariel, Bruce, and Tim got the fifth one correct. James and Kimmy were the only ones to get the sixth one correct. Ariel, Emily, and Kimmy got the last one correct, making Ariel the winner of the 4th HoH. Congrats Ariel!

(Note: I will be posting who is nominated and such tonight on Facebook. Everyone may send me a message on Facebook to let me know who they wish to vote for. I will be posting the next installment on Thursday.)

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