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So, I’ve met someone recently. No, not that kind of someone. I’ve met someone who is very similar to me in creativity. Someone I can compete with on a sarcastic level, which is awesome btw. This person is blunt in his opinion, like me. He also has this deep thinking attitude when it comes to life and church and such. I’m not as deep as he is on it, but he has shared many opinions with me that I felt like I was talking to my own mind sometimes. No, this person isn’t a mirror and isn’t my split personality. Just a new friend I’ve been lucky enough to know recently. For his sake, he won’t be named.

Anyway, this friend gave his blunt opinion of blogging. I don’t recall what it was exactly, but it was along the lines that people who blog think that their opinion or life or something like that is so important that they need the entire web community to have the chance to read it. So, like many times before, his words cause me to contemplate. I just shrugged off what he said at the time as his own opinion, which we are all entitled to. But then I decided I wanted to figure out why I am blogging. There are a few reasons. I’d state how many, but I don’t know how long I’m going to ramble on about this, so you’ll just have to wait until the end.

First, and foremost, Casey. Does that explain it? No? Obviously, you haven’t been reading my blog very much. Oh well. Casey is my friend that I have known for the last 10+ years from my days in Ventura. Casey and I carpooled my senior year of high school. Actually, well, you can read that post here. Anyway, Casey told me that I needed to have a blog, set up my blog, helped name my blog (we both love the TMI, but yeah, credit goes to her). Anyway, without Casey, there’d be no blog.

Second, because I had no clue what to do with a blog, I created the Big Brother-VHS post. Yeah, it’s weird, but hey, it’s me being creative. Like I told my friend Kimmy once (and repeated for Casey): “If I’m not being creative, I’m not entertaining myself.” And, despite those who look at the BB-VHS posts in disgust or boredom, I’ve received pleased reviews from more than half of the BB-VHS ‘contestants’. It’s fun/funny to them. In all honesty, if I had to cast a season of Big Brother with people that knew each other, could tolerate living together, and such, it would be these 12. Anyway, it was just something random and has turned into something fun, in a way.

Third, I’ve loved adding my memories category. It doubles as a journal in a way. Casey as Barbie, Kimmy kicking me, and Maggie being, well, Maggie, are all memories I don’t want to forget. And not having them in a journal sucks. Some times, it’s a lot better to not post certain memories. But what I intend to post here are comical, enjoyable, and/or important for me and sometimes for those that read them.

Ok, so, I’m still suffering from my sinus infection. So, I’m not going to ramble anymore. Plus, I’ve got work to do! Yeah! 🙂 Until next time. (Monday will be a BB-VHS post to those who wish to read/ignore, whatever).


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  1. It sounds like I would get along well with this new “friend”.

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