Big Brother-VHS Week 5

With his latest victory, James was pretty happy being in power to be able to secure himself for another week. But this week was not a week that anyone would be happy dealing with. After Jon was gone with a 4-2 vote, James was trying to figure out who had voted for him. Bruce’s voted had been apparent and James wasn’t offended by that. But he was interested in the second vote. But his interest didn’t last for long. He noticed that people were being nicer to him and everything was no longer as it seemed at first.

Bruce and Tim sat with James in the HoH room, securing themselves at first. Bruce told James that the three of them were the last guys in the game and that one of the girls was going to win it if they weren’t careful. James nodded and told Bruce and Tim that both were safe. Bruce left the HoH room and Casey entered, trying to secure herself. James asked Tim and Casey who he should nominate. Casey pushed for Bruce while Tim pushed for Ariel. Maggie and Kim both went together to James testing their safety. James was skeptical as it seemed like there was an alliance there with the girls and was unsure whether or not he could trust them.

Nominations #5: James had decided after much deliberation, who to aim the nominations at. With all the houseguests gathered, James started with a simple speech. “I really wasn’t sure who to nominate, but I decided that there are too many divisions in the house.” And with that, he pulled the key of the first person that was safe. “Casey, you are safe.” Casey drew the next key. “Bruce, you are safe.” This was followed by “Emily, you are safe.” Emily stated next, “Tim, you are safe.” And Tim drew the last key. “Kimmy, you are safe.” James stood back up to reveal his nomination choices. “I nominated Ariel and Maggie. Ariel, this is an eye-for-an-eye. You nominated me, I nominated you. Maggie, I’ve nominated you because I view you as a possible threat in the game. We’re down to the final 8 and you and I haven’t really been aligned in this game.”

PoV #5: The veto challenge saw James, Ariel, and Maggie end up drawing Casey, Emily, and Tim’s names. All six of them went to the backyard and found a six-lane trough. Each houseguest had to dive into their perspective lanes where about 3 feet of slop rested. Also, inside the slop were 5 large veto-symbols. Each houseguest had to jump into the slop and find the 5 symbols and return them to their podium. They could only find one at a time and return it individually. Once they had all five, the houseguests had to rush back to the other side of the lanes and hit their buzzer. The six contestants jumped in and did their best to find their slop covered vet symbols. Ariel and Casey were the first to find one. James and Tim soon found their first. Maggie and Emily found theirs finally, but Casey already had her second. After a few minutes, Tim and Casey both had four, James, Maggie, and Ariel had three and Emily was bringing her 3rd one to the podium. At almost the same time Tim and Casey found their fifth and final symbol. They both rushed to the podium and returned their vetoes. But, it was Casey who run the race as Tim slipped into the slop on his way back, giving Casey enough time to beat him to the buzzer and win the PoV.

PoV Ceremony #5: Casey wanted to see if she could get who she wanted nominated instead of one of the nominees. She sat with James and asked him what he would do if she vetoed one of his nominees. He told her who he would probably nominate. Casey explained who she wanted nominated and James told her that he wouldn’t nominate that person. At the PoV ceremony, Casey informed the two nominees that she was not going to be using the PoV on them.

Eviction #5: Maggie and Ariel had a huge argument with one another on which one of them should stay. The way Maggie blew up at people though, it made her less desirable to keep around. Ariel was assured that she was leaving by a few people, but now that Maggie threw her tantrum, the votes would have to be decided later. Finally, the eviction came. Kimmy voted first. “I vote to evict Ariel,” she stated, standing by her ally. Casey, Tim, Emily, and Bruce, however, all voted to evict Maggie. So by a vote of 4-1, Maggie was the 5 person evicted from the Big Brother-VHS house and joins Jon as a member of the jury to help decide the winner of Big Brother-VHS.

HoH #6: Ariel, Bruce, Casey, Emily, Kimmy, and Tim all were ready for their next HoH competition. The six of them had to sit on a board connected to a rope and hang in the air. But that wasn’t all. All of them began going up and dropping sporatically. Fake rain came down on them. Emily was the first to drop out after 15 minutes. Tim’s hands slipped from all the fake rain after 27 minutes. Ariel went next after 33 minutes. About an hour into it, Kimmy fell off. So, it was between Casey and Bruce. Bruce asked Casey if he was safe from another nomination, but she said she didn’t know. Casey got annoyed with her long brown hair and unfortunately, when she tried to brush it away from her face, she was jostled by a pull to take her up again. Instead, it caused her to lose balance and get knocked off. Congrats to Bruce as he is the 6th Big Brother-VHS HoH.

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