Big Brother-VHS Week 8

Casey was excited to have the power of HoH, knowing that she was automatically in the final 4. But the problem was, she had two alliances that she was dealing with. She had her side alliance with Ariel, but had the power alliance with James and Tim at the same time. (How has no one else gotten rid of us, seriously?) Anyway, she really didn’t want to get rid of Emily either, because, well, Emily’s so nice that you’d really hate to tick her off.

So, in front of everyone, Emily told Casey to nominate her, shocking the whole house. Emily stated that she was tired of the game and just didn’t want to do it anymore. It was hard seeing Kimmy and Bruce leave the house and she’d rather leave before anyone else.

Casey, Tim, and James met together. Casey said she was going to put one of them up as a pawn and that Emily would be going up next to them. As long as whoever she didn’t nominate voted for Emily, they were safe. Ariel told Casey that she’d be mad if Casey didn’t vote out a guy and despite Emily’s desire to go, Ariel was going to get rid of a guy. Casey hated to break a tie, but knew that she would have to if it came down to it.

Nominations: Casey brought down the nomination box with it’s two lone keys. “This shouldn’t come as a surprise,” she said and she pulled out the first key. “Ariel, you are safe.” Ariel then pulled out the only other key. “James, you are safe.” Emily and Tim were nominated (wait, I’m nominated…tsk…tsk…tsk.)

PoV: At the Power of Veto, the contestants had a very interesting task. Each had to name a favorite meal. Tim chose a hawaiian pizza. Casey chose boneless steak and potatoes. James picked a tortilla lasagna. Emily had a Taco Bell meatless Mexican Pizza. Ariel chose a tuna noodle casserole. The contestant who downed their meal the fastest won. Problem? Well, they had to have run through a blender first. (My nod to Big Brother 2, my favorite season still.) Well, each contestant stood apart from one another, unable to see anyone else and told to down their meal. When they were done, they had to hit a buzzer. If they had truly finished, they won PoV. Well, Ariel and Emily couldn’t stand their meals once they became blended. James could barely get through his. Casey wasn’t too happy drinking steak. Tim, on the other hand quickly got the hawaiian pizza down since, let’s face it, Hawaiian pizza is generally greasy enough to feel like you could drink it. So, Tim won the PoV.

PoV: Tim, automatically removed himself from the block, forcing Casey to choose between Ariel and James. Keeping with her word to Ariel, Casey nominated James.

Eviction: Ariel went up to Emily and asked her if she’d consider staying. Casey would have to break a tie, though, as Ariel knows that Tim was planning on voting for Emily. Ariel went and talked to Casey about keeping Emily. Casey said she’d rather respect Emily’s wish to be voted out of the game. So, it came down to the vote. Tim voted to evict Emily. Ariel voted to evict James. Casey had to break the tie and voted Emily out, saying she’d rather respect her wishes.
HoH: Ariel, James, and Tim were the only three able to compete in the HoH for the final four. Each of them had to hold on to a key that was hanging from some rafters up above. They had a pedestal to stand on and had. Whoever was the last one to let go of their key won HoH. The three of them were poised facing one another. Ariel stood their displeased. “I’m sure if I let go, you’re nominating me.” Tim, with his smart-aleck wit, replied with, “There aren’t too many people left to nominate, who would you want me to nominate if you let go?” Ariel shrugged and defeatedly replied, “Not me.” Suddenly, ‘rain’ began falling onto the three houseguests. James stood there with his mouth shut the entire time, not worrying about anything but holding on. An hour went by and Casey went inside to get away from the cold that had come from the ‘rain’ earlier. Eventually, though, Tim looked at the other two and said, “I’d love to hang out with you, but I’m going to hope that I win the veto.” He let go of his key and went inside after drying off. Ariel looked at James, “I’m not safe if you win, am I?” she asked. James looked back at her. “The same is true if you win.” After two and a half hours, Ariel looked at her hand as it painfully hung from the key. “You know what, James, I hope I see you in the final three.” And with that Ariel let go of her key giving James the HoH.
Four are left. Tune in Monday as we go down to the final three. And next Thursday, the winner of Big Brother-VHS is crowned.
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