Big Brother-VHS Week (I lost track)

James had one the HoH and knew what he was going to do. It was his alliance that he sought to protect. And with that, we’ll just go to the nomination ceremony.

Nomination ceremony: James brought down the key box which had one lonely key in it. James said, “this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.” He pulled out the key and said, “Tim, you are safe.” Meaning that with the final four, Casey and Ariel were nominated.

PoV: All four of the houseguests went to the backyard to find a large staircase with four sides of stairs on it. In front of each set of stairs were a pile of clear plaques that each had a houseguest’s name. The goal was that each stair had three slots for the names to go into. The houseguest’s had to place the name of the HoH and his/her initial nominees for the corresponding week with which stair it was (i.e., first stair represented first week, second stair for the second week, etc.) And so the game began. James immediately knew the answer for the first week was himself with Brittany and Aaron as his nominees. The second week was Tim as HoH and Brittany and Jon as his nominees. The third HoH was Casey and Bruce and Pat were her nominees. Fourth HoH was Ariel and James and Jon were the nominees. Fifth HoH was James who nominated Maggie and Ariel. Sixth HoH was Bruce who nominated Kimmy and Casey. The seventh HoH was Emily who nominated Bruce and James. The eighth HoH was Casey with Emily and Tim as her initial nominees. The ninth HoH (the current one) was James with Ariel and Casey as the nominees. Once they placed all three placards correctly, the stair would light up and they could go on to the next stair. Once they finished with the last stair, the houseguest had to get to the top of the staircase and hit a buzzer, signaling their finish. James sped through the game quickly and easily. Casey, Tim, and Ariel were working on the 7th HoH when James climbed the top step and hit the buzzer that sat at the center.  

PoV ceremony: James gave Casey and Ariel to plead their case for the final veto. Casey stated “You either use it on me or you don’t. That’s it.” Ariel dittoed Casey’s comment. James stated that he did not intend to use the Power of Veto.

Eviction: Tim had a hard choice. He could either vote out someone who’d been his ally since the beginning of the game or he could vote out the person that he intended to the entire time. So he was actually torn. Casey really thought she had already won this game whereas Ariel was all prepared to go to the jury house. Tim gave a strategic thought to whether or not he could win. Jon, Maggie, Kimmy, Bruce, and Emily were all in the jury already and voting out Casey could turn all of them against him. On the other hand, adding Ariel to the mix wouldn’t change his chances of winning the game. In the end Tim made his decision. “It’s really a tough competition,” Tim said in preparation for his speech, “but someone has had my back this entire time and I should return the favor. In stating that, I vote to evict Ariel.”

Now three are left. Find out on Thursday who wins the final HoH and who the final two are. And then (unless I decide otherwise and do it on Thursday, which I reserve the right to do), find out on Monday (or Thursday) who wins Big Brother-VHS

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