Irrational Fears

So, I love the phrase “irrational fears” it makes people that have them feel like complete idiots. Nevertheless many people in the world have irrational fears. Some people have more than others, like Wade the Duck on the U.S. Acres (aka Orson’s Farm) portion of the Garfield and Friends show. (Yes, that was a long introduction for our fearful duck, oh well.) Wade is afraid of everything, which is why he wears an intertube everywhere he goes (I’m curious to know why he’s not afraid of plastic intertubes though). But, I don’t personally know people that are that bad.

I’m going to go with me though for my examples of irrational fears because, well let’s face it, I don’t mind mocking myself. It’s kinda fun sometimes. Anyway, I have four irrational fears. Two are really strong and the other two I can sort of deal with. I’m only going to state one here though (mostly because I don’t want to know what people are going to try to do to me just to see me freak out.)

A few years ago (well, more like over 10 years ago) I was on the ferris wheel with my mom and dad at the Ventura County Fair. The big one that looks over the ocean as well as the entire fair. This ferris wheel is split in four sections with four pods on it. When people are getting on or getting off the ride four pods are at the bottom, four to each side and four at the top. Two pods rest at the exact top during this change of passengers. Well, during one of these changes my parents and I were at the top waiting. My mom was freaking out because she was afraid of it falling or breaking or whatever. My dad would move and cause it to shake. This would cause my mom to freak out even more.

Let’s jump a year later (I think just a year). I don’t recall why but I was at the fair with a bunch of friends of mine. I can’t recall who all was there, but I know that I ended up on a pod with my friend Becca and I want to say that our friends Emily and maybe Erik were with me. Well, ordinarily, I would’ve been scared (because I’d had some height related anxiety before this point), but I had a lot of fun. We were joking, talking and yelling at our friends in the pod next to us.

Let’s keep jumping. Last Saturday, Mary and I had just spent a nice evening away from kids and got to spend a night at a lodge in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Brighton, UT. Well, we thought it’d be fun to go on the ski lifts. So, Mary and I go to Solitude Resort where they have ski lift rides for $6 for a twenty minute ride. We got to the ski lifts and we got on. I looked down after literally less than 10 second when we were only about 10-15 feet off the ground (nowhere near the 30+ feet that we ended up with). At this point I turned to Mary and said, “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot that I’m afraid of heights.” At first, Mary was sure I was joking. But she learned that my anxiety got worse the higher we got. And then, to top it off for me, the ride stops every so often so people can get off or on the ride. I couldn’t stand it shaking their hanging from a large telephone wire by what looks like a large metal arm that should be swinging the opposite direction, right into the trees that were on either side of us the whole way up. Then, we get to the top and poor Mary had to bribe me to get back onto the thing. I was dumb enough to look down and had to calm myself down just to make the 10 minute trek to the bottom.

It’s not the heights that bother me though. I can handle the 225-foot drop on the Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. I love the big drops on roller coasters and think they’re fun. However, I don’t like dangling from a thick telephone wire 30-feet above the ground going 5 miles per hour. Nope, not something I like at all. Yeah, let’s just say that I won’t be hanging out at the ski slopes any time soon.


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