Now That It’s Over, Why?

So, this will probably be the last Big Brother-VHS post. My reason for this post is to explain why the 12 people were chosen for the ‘game’ that was somewhat played by some and ignored by others and completely unknown of their involvement by a couple. In all honesty, if I had to cast a group of people I went to high school with, these are the 12 people I would’ve cast. There are a few alternates that I’ll add later.

Aaron: Aaron is a very interesting person. It would be challenging for me to be in the Big Brother house with him, but that’d make the show all that much more interesting. He most certainly would be the first person I’d be gunning for. However, he would add a lot of flair, style, and interesting possible drama to the Big Brother game.

Britt: I chose Britt because of her attitude. She doesn’t give a crap about other people’s crap and isn’t into gossip and annoying small talk. She’s a strong woman who’d be a threat to win competitions but also tells it likes it is which could cause some tension.

Pat: He can annoy people. But it’s been years since most of us have talked to him. He’s an interesting guy because of his personal life history. He’d make the house fun for his time being in there.

Jon: Probably the one person that I’d be afraid to trust but would want to trust. Jon’s a nice guy but can turn on the heat when topics hit his personal beliefs. He’s a tough competitor and a great guy. It’s been years since I last officially talked to him but he’s someone I think would make the game fun.

Maggie: The real Big Brother needs to seek Maggie out for their next season. No doubt in my mind. Like Britt, she tells it like it is. She’s got a friendly personality that can make people laugh, but she’d be playing the game and having fun doing it. If she had to lie, I’m sure she would. I was sad when she got voted out, but she would be tough to beat in the end.

Kimmy: I’ve known Kimmy for over 20 years. It makes sense that I’d want to play this game with her. I’d honestly have a final 2 deal with her before walking through the door. I would’ve voted Casey out and done what I could have to get Casey out of the game. Of course, Ariel would have had to go so I could’ve kept Maggie in the game longer to keep Kimmy in the game longer. She would be my second choice for “who out of these 12 should really go into the Big Brother house?” Maggie being first of course.

Bruce: I felt bad voting Bruce out. If the game were real, again, poor Ariel would’ve been gone if this was the final 6. Why? I knew that if Bruce had won the following HoH, then Casey would’ve been gone and it would’ve been easier to get to the final two for me with James. The real game is for $500,000 and that would’ve been the better strategy.

Emily: Emily adds an exotic style to the game with her Indian heritage. She also would be the nicest and sweetest person through her stay. She probably would have taken the keys for the people to nominate and thrown them in the air and whoever’s landed a certain direction got nominated. Emily is too nice for this game and probably would never play it. On that list that Maggie gets #1, Emily gets last only because she would want to do a self-nomination and/or self-vote at the beginning of the game. Then again, if $500,000 were on the table she could learn to play.

Ariel: I felt bad for voting out Ariel. I also feel bad for stating she’d have been gone earlier than she really was. However, Ariel’s very smart and could be a very calculating player in my opinion. The problem with alliances in this game is that they seem to circle around and Ariel would be someone that I probably wouldn’t have an alliance with and we’d be trying to get each other out. It would make for an interesting game to have her and me trying to get rid of one another and yet we’d still be friends.

Tim: Of course I’m putting myself in this game. Duh!

James: When I started high school, James and I were on the Freshman football together. Somehow, we hung out here and there, had friends in similar circles. Our sophomore year we both went to prom and ended up in the same group that shared a limo. Our senior year, he dated Kimmy and hung out in the same group as me during that time. James is just someone that everyone likes hanging out with. He’s right though, he’d ended up going earlier because of his competitive spirit.

Casey: This cast was done based off of conversations between Casey and I. I would’ve been tempted (and would be in the real game) to sell Casey out and get her voted out early. Why? Because she’d be such a good player at the game that no matter who she faced in the final 2, she’d win. Hello, notice that she won this mockery of a Big Brother season? Yeah, there are reasons for it. But again, if I was in the final four and had to choose between Casey and Ariel to go to the final three with me and James. I’d be so tempted to get her out of the game that she’d probably have been on the jury, if she didn’t go sooner.

And so, that’s it. But who would be my alternates?

Lorelei: The majority of us had a class of hers. Yes, she’s a teacher. She’s crazy enough to just make this game a little more fun and a little more interesting.

Lacey: Lacey and I always had an interesting friendship that was very loud and very fun. It’d be fun to see us fake-flirt consistently. Lacey can get dramatic (part of her acting nature) so it would fun and funny having her in the game.

Josh: (the little one for those reading and know two Josh’s that I could be referring to.) Josh is just someone that would add interest and humor to the show just because of his actions/reactions to things. That’s why he’d be fun.

Brandon: Ok, many people didn’t like Brandon. But, given ten years since I graduated with him I think that he would make the show so fun/interesting to watch. I mean, Big Brother does want arguers and I can see people arguing with him.

Tasha: She was a good friend of mine in high school. Somehow, drama followed her around wherever she went. Maybe it’d do the same in Big Brother.

Well, that’s it for now. Say goodbye to Big Brother VHS. Oh, I’m still going to be blogging, this was just fun.

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