A Few of My Favorite Scents

Since I was about 16, I’ve been interested in colognes. I don’t really know why. I was stuck in J.C. Penney with my mom and Apryl (my awesome, wonderful, and beautiful sister for those who don’t know who Apryl is). As always, I was bored. I think Mom and Apryl were looking at jewelry for something. So, I went over to the cologne section because, well, it was the most manly place to be at the time, I believe.

So, I wore deodorant all the time, but by the time my junior year rolled around, I liked impressing people. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to afford cologne (but my mom bought my first two bottles of cologne.) So, I took home three of those litmus papers (or whatever they’re called) with the sprays on it. One was Nautica, one was Curve, and one was some blue bottle that I still don’t know but didn’t like as well as the others.

 During my senior year of high school, Mom and I were at Penney’s or something like that and I was looking at the cologne and was really interested in Curve. There were a few others I thought that smelled good, but Curve had the best scent and so my mom bought me a bottle of it. So, after that I wore Curve for a while.

Well, one day, I was at the Nautica outlet store in Camarillo and was looking at the cologne selection that they had there. I remembered that Nautica  had been one of those colognes I initially liked. Well, the store had about three different varieties of Nautica. I really liked the Competition line of the Nautica brand instead of the other Nautica that I had initially liked. Well, I didn’t buy any at this time. But, when Mom and I went to Burlington Coat Factory later on (don’t know when) I bought a bottle of Nautica Competition. I liked Curve, but it was too ‘fancy’ of a smell and Competition was more sporty of a smell. (This from the 10 year old kid that didn’t care if he smelled like old socks, somehow, I got vain.)

Well, Nautica Competition became my favorite cologne because it was a lighter scent than Curve. When Chris (my older brother) met Gina (his wife) he found out that she liked Curve. And every morning for a while when he and Gina were just dating, Chris would come to my room and use my Curve. Funny story, we were at Barnes and Noble one time with Eric (our oldest brother) and Brandi (Eric’s wife), and Chris and I were in the magazine section. In the back of one of the magazine sections was a magazine called ‘Curve’. Well, I didn’t think anything of it, but because Gina loved Curve the cologne, Chris decided to look at it. Now, my thought was “there’s no magazine for a cologne, Chris. I’m sure it’s just something you don’t want anyway.” Well, I was definitely right and Chris’ curiosity got the better of him. The magazine was for women who love other women. Chris immediately, with much surprise and shock, dropped the magazine back in it’s slot. Oh, I laughed a lot.

Then there was my mission. I served in Belgium and France and if you know one thing about their culture, you’ll know that they don’t shower everyday. Also, they use l’eau de toilet to cover up their stench. So cologne and perfume is fairly inexpensive there. I had given Chris my bottle of Curve (since Chris was using it more than me) and I had ran out of my Competition. Well, the sister missionaries (girls on a mission for those that don’t know the term) in my district (a small group of missionaries that report to the same district leader) had gone to the ‘smelly store’ and one of the sisters, Misty, had fallen in love with the smell of Aqua Di Gio by Armani. Well, I really liked the smell as well and vowed to buy a bottle. Unfortunately, I never did. I stopped wearing cologne all together.

For Valentine’s Day a few years ago, Mary (my wife, if you don’t know that, then you obviously don’t know me) bought me a bottle of Curve because Aqua Di Gio was too expensive, but knew that I liked Curve as well. I was very happy to be able to wear cologne again. I had tried aftershave but didn’t really like their scents. Well, Mary’s brother, Philip, found out that I liked cologne and decided to pawn off his extra bottles of cologne to me. He gave me two bottles (one fairly small and one large) of Kenneth Cole’s Reaction, which is a nice smell and I really like. Along with that he gave me Lucky You (which is an ok smell) and Aspen (which is too strong for me, but I may try wearing one day.) He also gave me a small bottle of Competition, which totally made my day since I can’t find it in stores anymore.

Last night, Philip asked me to help move his bed and while in his room I picked up his large bottle of Aqua Di Gio and took a nice whiff of it. (Now, if I could just put it casually in my pocket…hmmm…) afterwards, he kindly gave me his small bottle of Aqua Di Gio that he’d been given. So, now that I’ve got a new supplier of cologne, I’ve received all the colognes I’ve ever cared to purchase in the last two and a half years, Mary giving me the Curve and Philip giving me the Nautica: Competition and the very important and best smelling Aqua Di Gio, definitely my favorite.

Well, I know that it was long, but it was such a good random topic. For now, keep smelling.

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