Energy Drinks Are Awesome

So, for the past ten years, energy drinks have really taken a public stance and have become more and more popular. Starting with the still popular Red Bull, I began drinking this interesting drink in 2000. I didn’t really like Red Bull. It tastes like a fluid Sweet Tart. I began drinking them again after my mission and would have one on those mornings that I had to be at work or class at 8 after a late night hanging out with friends.

I started driving to Vegas to visit my brother a lot over the next few years. That’s when I found Sobe No Fear. And I fell in love with No Fear (kinda defeats the branding that Sobe was going for). It was just such a good drink. I used to go to Smith’s (a Kroger store) in Logan and buy a Sobe No Fear with a pastry for my 7 1/2-hour drive to Vegas. And I’d do a similar thing on the way back. Then, I got married and Mary made me stop drinking them (although they were my favorite thing for my drive).

I started working for Blendtec and everyone there started drinking Rockstar (with no sugar). During my almost two years there I tried two of these Rockstars (with no sugar) and discovered that I hated them. For some reason, they upset my stomach. Won’t ever touch them again.

After James was born in April and moving in May, Lizzie stopped sleeping and I have helped Mary occasionally with one or both of our seemingly nocturnal children. Well, I have had to go back to my drinking habit…er…energy drinking habit. So, I went back to my favorite of these three, Sobe No Fear. Well, it’s unfortunately not the most popular in Utah of energy drinks. But, I was able to find it. Sometimes, I’ve had to get the orange No Fear that has Blood Orange Juice in it, not as good. One time I got an Amp, which is made by Mountain Dew. It tastes like Mountain Dew, just a little different. But then, yesterday, I discovered a new drink that I really enjoyed.

Monster! It’s now tied as my favorite with Sobe No Fear. It tastes very similar and I really enjoyed it. Although, it may have more caffeine as I ended up extremely hyper and with a headache. Note to self for next time I pick up a Monster: Drink very slowly.


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  1. Mmmmm….Red Bull!

  2. […] I would go to Vegas from Logan (or vice-versa) I would stop and get my Sobe No Fear (see energy drink blog) and either a power bar or Hostess Crumb Donettes. I don’t know why, but they are so good. I […]

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