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So, after a short break from working on my book, I’m back at it again. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and gear it more towards a younger crowd. This has become a challenge because I can’t use the fancy words that I want to use sometimes like recalcitrant. Also, I’ve got to put in stronger themes (no, not adult themes) for my characters. So, I already know what each of my three main characters (well, I guess there’s four and I should start stating that so) four main characters have to deal with in the three storylines (ha, I can still say that this is true.)

Eli is my number one main character. All of the four books I intend to write center on him. His biggest struggle comes from the first few words of chapter 1 of my story (not the prologue for those that have read it). Eli reminds himself to “stand tall” every morning. This is his theme as he tries to overcome his fear of people (and things) bigger than him. It helps that he’s stuck with Dwarves through the majority of his story.

It’s hard to determine if Lizzie or Val is the 2nd most important to my storyline. I’m going to Val because I like her storyline better. Val trusts herself to get done what she needs done. Depending on others is a very rare thing for her. She’s independent, but that’s something that the character needs to get over. Of course, one of the things I like people debating on while reading my book is whether or not Val is good. Oh well.

Lizzie’s storyline is very…well…bratty. She’s being treated like a princess and acts like, well, something else. She is being given almost anything she wants and doesn’t realize how it’s ruining her. This is what Lizzie may or may not really overcome in the first book. Even if she does, having more than you need/truly want is something she’ll deal with in the 2nd book.

Alex’s storyline coincides with Lizzie’s. He is doing what he can to take care of Lizzie (as well as Mary, another minor character). He has lost a lot from the time that Val Merk sent him to Aquira and to the end of the story. He really deals with his ‘issues’ or obstacles earlier in the book. Lizzie becomes his obstacle as it continues.

And, one more thing to discuss in this blog. The title. So, when I first started this story, it was titled “The Kingdoms of Arrassnel.” As I finished my first draft, I didn’t like that title anymore. I ended up with “The Amethyst of Esam Alee.” And all the way through my rewrites, I called it that. Well, recently, as I’ve begun going through again, I’ve decided that my title doesn’t fit for my audience. So, my current title is “Eli and the Amethyst.” I really feel that this hits the audience better and it sounds more adventurous. So, for now, that’s what I’m calling my book. One day, I strongly hope it’s going to be sold in bookstores, Costco, and Wal-Mart. Only time will tell. I’ve gone through the prologue and will need to go through the next two chapters before I am ready to start sending it off. Wish me luck 😉


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  1. Such a goal to be sold in Wal-Mart. High hopes Tim, high hopes. 😀

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