As much as I love Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, pizza, and Baja Fresh’s burritos, donuts (or doughnuts for those traditional spellers) are my all-time favorite food. (Of course, maybe I’ll do a blog on all those other awesome foods that I love when I’m bored enough.)

Every morning (almost every morning) during my junior and senior year of high school I would drive to K.D. Donuts in Ventura at 5:40 in the morning to get my Chocolate Chip Roll for breakfast on my way to 6:00a.m. seminary. People thought I was disgusting (I know a couple of girls did). But, I enjoyed the very fattening donut. Soon after Mary and I were married, we went to K.D. and I got my favorite donut. My eating habits changed so much that I ate only half and had to save the rest for much later. But still, it’s the best donut for chocolate lovers.

Whenever I would go to Vegas from Logan (or vice-versa) I would stop and get my Sobe No Fear (see energy drink blog) and either a power bar or Hostess Crumb Donettes. I don’t know why, but they are so good. I could just eat a box full and not be done. (Maybe that’s why I need to go on a diet). I had a package of those babies this morning and I’m wishing I savored them a little longer.

During my Econ 2010 class at Utah State, the teacher bought in a dozen hostess powdered donuts and asked if anyone could eat the whole box by the end of class. I raised my hand and was given the challenge. (I think it had something to do with diminishing returns.) Anyway, I at 10 1/2 by the time class was done, which shocked the teacher and the class that someone was able to eat that many donuts in that short period of time. Apparently they’d never met me before.

So yeah, I love donuts. I’m not a huge Krispy Kreme fan as you get mostly air in those doughnuts. But I’ll eat them regardless. I turn into Homer Simpson when I see donuts. They’re my full moon and I became a monster craving my next kill…er…pastry.

Give me a donut and you give me something that I’ll eat so quickly you’ll wonder what happened to it and why your finger is bleeding. Just some yummy food for thought.


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  1. I could go for an order of Baja Fresh steak nachos with black beans right now. Throw on some lime juice and some salsa verde….I can feel my mouth watering now!

    In other news – when I was in college, in order to gain the necessary caffeinated sugar high after pulling an all-nighter; I would down a Red Bull and a package of Hostess powdered donettes. Mmmm.

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