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So, tomorrow, I have the awesome opportunity to go see the BYU Cougars take on the Florida State Seminoles. I’m pretty excited to go. The one and only division 1-A college football game I went was Wyoming-Utah State during my first year there. It was boring, we left at half-time, and I never had a desire to go back. Poor me, I should’ve gone more often. I missed the Utah-Utah State game that was held there one year. I should’ve gone, don’t know why I didn’t.

Throughout my life there have been a few teams I’ve always been interested in watching, no matter what year it is. BYU and Florida State are two of these teams. Why? Well, BYU is BYU. An underdog/cinderella that deserves more credit than they’re given. (For those BYU fans reading this that just gave a woot know that I would/do say the same thing about U of U and TCU. ) I’m not really interested in seeing TCU, but seeing Univ of Utah would be a cool opportunity as well and they are in my top ten teams. Mostly because they’re a similar underdog/cinderella that deserves more credit than given.

But, coming from California, there are really two teams that I’d like to see play from there. Of course, against each other would be best. USC versus UCLA is a game that I will be forever jealous of my dad for attending until I actually get a chance to go to one. Funny, there are three Florida programs (U of Miami, Florida State, and U of Florida) that I would like to see play. I really don’ t know why. There are only 2 Big Ten teams in my list that mean something to me: Michigan and Penn St. Just to see Joe Paterno coach should be on anyone’s list. Of course, some people may wonder why Ohio State is on this list. Well, I really don’t like them. Honestly, if I see them in a game, I’d be rooting for the other team. It could be an Ohio State home game against Tulane or Temple and I’d be rooting for the other team. And finally, in my top ten list, there’s Boise State. Of course, it has to be at one of their home games. Going to Smurftopia would just be a very smurfy experience.

So let’s see, in order of top ten, that’d be 1. BYU, 2. USC, 3. Penn St., 4. Michigan, 5. UCLA, 6. Utah, 7. Florida, 8. Miami, 9. Boise St., and 10. Florida St. Hmm….tomorrow will cross off 1 and 10. Two down, eight to go.

My co-worker told me he’s going to see Harry Potter 6 tomorrow, mocking me (like all my co-workers) that I haven’t seen it and I’m supposedly a huge Harry Potter fan (which I like it but not obsessively). I just replied, “I’m going to see Florida St. versus BYU.” He said, “Yeah, I can go see Harry Potter anytime.” To which I interrupted by stating the obvious, “Yeah, but how often does Florida St. come to LaVell Edwards Stadium?”

Ah, life is good. Well, it will be when 4 o’clock rolls around today. And if I could get a haircut. Anyway, until Monday my loyal reader base.


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  1. Tomorrow I get the awesome opportunity to sleep in. I’ll take that over football any day!

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