The Curse

My family is cursed. Well, maybe we just bring bad luck with us. Last Saturday proved no different.

For the first time in my life, I got to go to a real college football game (Utah State losing to Wyoming badly at the half and me leaving doesn’t count to me). I was invited by a friend to go see BYU take on Florida State (click here to learn of the ten college teams I want to see play). Now, I’ve always wanted to go to a Florida State game and do their little Atlanta Brave-like chant. It was so tempting on Saturday. But, judging from where I was and the blue I was wearing, it was wiser to just stay put. Regardless, I was rooting for BYU. I was yelling at the players and the refs, so much that I was definitely hoarse for the two lessons I taught in church yesterday. Oh well. And, because it was an important game for the team I was rooting for, I of course saw my team lose.

Thus continued a curse that my family has had. Both my brothers played high school football, and I attended a lot of games throughout high school. Ventura High School did not do well in the playoffs between 1989 (my oldest brother’s freshman year) and 1999 (the fall of my senior year). But in 2000, months after I graduated, Ventura High won their division (which is as far as they could go in So Cal). But, while we were at their big games, Ventura just couldn’t win (well, except when we beat Buena, almost nothing sweeter than beating a cross-town rival).

More curse facts, my dad went to a USC-UCLA game a few years back. He had never been to an SC game in all his life. He finally got the chance to see a game that was sure to please him as USC was slated to win. What happened? Our family curse struck again and USC lost.

This seems to be mostly football related though. Occasionally, I’ve watched Utah State’s basketball program fall into a loss. But, I figure, they’ve won enough big games that it didn’t matter to me. Out of the 5 or 6 Dodger games I’ve gone to, they’ve only lost once. I went to a Laker-Jazz game once while in Utah, and even though I was rooting for both teams, I was very happy to see my Lakers win. So, it definitely is a football curse since that’s my family’s sport.

We’ll see what happens next time I go to a football game. Whenever that gets to be.


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  1. Well, when I went to a 49ers game a few years back they won. I guess we aren’t all cursed, eh?

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