National Ice Cream Cone Day

Thanks to Casey, I learned that today was National Ice Cream Cone Day. Now, really, that’s interesting. The ice cream cone was invented on September 22, 1903. Read about it here. What a year! It’s as old as the airplane. I wonder what market has more consumers.

So, the only ice cream I like to think about is a chocolate covered waffle cone (ah how that phrase reminds me of Belgium). Why do I like that cone? Um….it’s got chocolate and waffle (sweet, awesome waffle) in its name. Before I moved to Logan, UT I used to occasionally hang out with my friends Kandra and Jacob. Sometimes, Jacob was at work or school in the evening and Kandra and I were bored. I guess we were also depressed because we’d go to Von’s or Ralph’s (oh how I miss those stores) a lot and buy one of those Ben & Jerry’s sized Dreyer’s (or was it Breyer’s) Creamery ice cream cups and split it. She got me addicted to Coney Island Waffle Cone ice cream. Now, I have not found an ice cream yet that is as sinfully delicious and fattening as good ol’ Coney Island. Nor have I ever been able to find my favorite sweet treat (non-donut or pie sweet treat) in Utah. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’m already fatter than my dad, a fact I intend to change soon (later, whatever).

The other thing that comes to mind with ice cream cones is that package of cheap cones you get at the store with the dumb clown on the cover. Growing up, my family must’ve bought at least 100 boxes with that freaky clown on the cover (come on, he’s scary). I don’t know why, but when I got back from my mission, I’m sure that my dad had the same box of ice cream cones in our cupboard that was there from before I left. Those things don’t age and don’t really get more stale after about a month of being open. I don’t recommend eating them, but they don’t get more stale.

You know whose ice cream cones I’m really not impressed with? Coldstone! I know, how blasphemous of me. I honestly am not a big fan of Coldstone (except their extremely chocolatey dark chocolate shake that my friend Jeremy, the one in Orem, not the one in Eagle Mountain, got me hooked on). I’ve had a few ice cream dohickeys from Coldstone. Their cone-bowls are ok. Just ok. Every time I’ve had one, they’ve been stale. What do they do, make them three week’s in advance? Cheap clown cones taste better than these things, on occasion. So much hype, so much disappointment.

Regardless, Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day! It’s awesome. Go eat some ice cream, coneless or not. I know I want some now.


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  1. Strawberry Blond and Birthday Remix are my favorite Coldstone flavors.

    None Coldstone would be Chocolate Cherry Chip, Black Cherry or Cookies and Cream.

    All clowns are scary – whether they advertise expiration date-less cones or not.

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