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Far Too Many Tracks

Some people have told me I have a one track mind. Ok, no they haven’t. They say I switch my mind way too much. No, maybe that’s not true. Maybe I’m just very inconsistent.

Anyway, I have at least three different ways I could write my book. I could rewrite from chapter 4 on. I could keep it as it is with a few minor changes, also known as revision. (To quote LDS fantasy author of Mistborn and the latest Wheel of Time Books, Brandon Sanderson, “Revision is hell.”) A third idea is to drop one of my storylines and continue the main story that I have, culminating in a final part. (By the way, did you know that storylines is not a word according to WordPress’ dictionary. Neither is WordPress.) Fourth (Note: I did say at least three, in math it looks like this: >3), I could redo my main storyline in order to make the book work better and again, have a real ending to my book. Everyday I change my mind on how I should do my story. Maybe I’ll finally get somewhere.

There’s a 14-year old (hopefully she’s had her birthday this year) named Natalie (I think she spells it that way) who I used to teach in Sunday School when I lived in Orem. She once wrote on her Facebook (also not a word) page that she had so many thoughts and ideas that she didn’t know how to get them all down on paper. I’m jealous. I have too many that I have to choose between which one to do. It’s not confusing or anything.


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  1. Soddy is also not a word according to WordPress.

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