Technicalities Part 1 – Seasons

I qualify this because I know picky ol’ me and I find technicalities all the time. (I’m surprised I spelled that right on the first try.) So, my technicality today is going to be about the seasons.

Let’s see, where do I start? Winter (my favorite). Winter is December, January, and February. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong! Winter is December 21st-ish to March 20-ish. So, in all actuality, officially, there are more days of winter in March than there are in December. But…but…but…yeah, it’s true. So, winter really could be looked at as Jan-Mar while fall would be Oct-Dec. Well, winter in Utah is more like Oct-Apr/May. And it snows in the mountain even long. (Yes, Casey, I’m absolutely certain you’re going to post something about how Colorado’s winters are way worse than Utah’s or something along those lines. We all know. Well, now you might not. You’ll probably just stick your tongue out me.)

So, I think it’s funny when people tell me, “It’s March 4th, it shouldn’t be cold!” (March 4th was chosen since it’s my friend Kirsten’s birthday.) Well, it’s supposed to be cold. The calendar people said so. “It’s September 5th, it’s too hot!” (chosen for my grandmother’s birthday.) Well, guess what, September 5th is still a part of summer. Summer ends on September 21st-ish. So, the next time I hear that it’s December 14th (my mom’s birthday) and that it’s a Winter Wonderland….I’m going to say, “wait a week. Winter’s not officially here yet.

Of course, anyone that’s gone to Utah State knows when winter is. Before ‘winter break’ there really isn’t much snow on the ground (NORMALLY!!!!). After winter break you go back to school and you ask yourself, “Hey! Where’d the road go?”


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  1. Of course I have to mention Colorado because when you think winter and snow, the majority of the population will not think Utah.

    Winter for the front range is generally October – May. Winter in the mountains can start as early as late August, this year it started in September (on the last day of summer to get technical about it).

    March, on record, is the snowiest month in Colorado.
    December, on record, is the coldest. Last year, the front range had temps as low as -18°. However, in mountain valleys such as Gunnison, it’s very common for seasonal temperatures to dip near -40°.

    Back here on the front range, we could see our first official snowfall as early as tomorrow.

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