No Fear of the Dentist

Today was Lizzie’s first real checkup at the dentist. She did really well. They all loved her and thought she was so cute. Who doesn’t right? I mean Mary and I make the world’s cutest babies (oh, and that’s nowhere near up for debate either.) As much as you’d love to hear about her this blog’s about me and we’re going with a memory day today.

Actually, a few memories concerning dentists and oral surgeons.

When I was preparing for my mission, I had to get work done on my awful teeth. Eleven cavities in all. Oh wow! Patience and pain went hand-in-hand for that 3 or 4 week ordeal. Seriously. I really liked Dr. Jones (I’ve heard him called Jack and John and I really have no clue what to put on here, so I’m going with Dr. Jones), the dentist I saw in California. That great man had patience in dealing with my teeth. But you know what was the worst, he put enough Novocaine into my system that I’ve grown a tolerance to it, therefore the numbing experience lasts only about a half-hour to forty-five minutes. Not his fault, bad oral hygiene. Seriously Casey and Kimmy, you never told me my breath stank! Maybe you did. Neither one of you had problems telling me of flaws before.

Next, a few months later, we have my awesome time visiting Dr…….um…..tip of my tongue….Anyway, I had my wisdom teeth taken out by this doctor. That is an awesome experience. Being put under for the first time in my life was a little nerve racking to say the least. But I did my best to keep myself calm. After surgery, they woke me up and took me to a recovery area where my brother was asking me questions about how I felt or something else all together. Regardless, I was pretty out of it. The best part was when they wheeled me down to the car. I seriously felt like I was on a roller coaster the entire time. I must’ve looked psycho or something. It was fun.

And finally, a few years back, Mary convinced me to go to Dr. Nance, her favorite dentist ever. He’s a pretty cool guy. Well, on my first filling at this company, they offered me nitrous. Well, never had it before. Thought it’d be cool. Let me tell you, the combination of the nitrous and watching The Italian Job, makes a great movie even better. Probably would make movies like Howard the Duck, Rocky 5000, Legally Blonde 2, and other annoyingly horrible movies pretty good.

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