The Cure for the Common Cold

(Quick book update. Finished revising current chapter 4 last night. It takes the old chapters 5 and 6 and combines them into a less wordy better way. Ok, on with Random day.)

With flu season among us, I figured I’d get a flu shot last week. Thankfully, no flu symptoms. Two years in a row hoping that it worked.

So, today, one of my co-workers came in after being away sick yesterday. Our receptionist had her trusty Lysol can spraying a barrier of mist around her ‘bubble’. Seriously, the Enterprise couldn’t shoot its phasers through this stuff. So, I decided, why doesn’t Lysol and Pfizer (or some other pharmeceutical) come up with the ‘Anti-virus pill’? I mean, if Lysol supposedly kills 99.9% of bacteria and most viruses, why don’t you just find the guy sneezing and spray this stuff down his throat? It’s just a theory 😉

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