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Long Story Short

People always ask me what my book is about and I’m horrible at telling it to them. I really need to write a full synopsis for agents that require one with a submission and I just suck at it.  So, I’m going to try and write in a few paragraphs what the current version of my book is about.

Fifteen years ago in Calldorn , a wizardess named Val Merk stole the Amethyst of Esam Alee and fled to a forbidden kingdom once known as Nyra.

Present day in the U.S., 14-year old Eli Harrison is taken to the principal’s office for fighting with the school bully. His principal informs him that she’s not human and has a special request for him. She has sent five of his friends (the memories of them erased on Earth) to magical worlds far away from Earth. The problem came in that three of them that were sent were taken by the enemies of the principal (aka Val Merk). The other two were already sent to rescue Eli’s twin sister. Instead of completely agreeing, Eli steals Val Merk’s amethyst and uses its magic to send himself to the kingdom of Mintor to find his friends. But he finds himself dealing with Gnomes, Dwarves, and other dangerous obstacles on his way to find Benja Marin, a mystical Elf who can use his resources to locate Eli’s friends.

In the Kingdom of Aquira, Alex Tanner is sold as a slave to Princess Brumi of the Trolls. His goal though is to locate Lizzie and help her out of Crag, the Trolls city. With the help of Mary Hallowell (his friend sent with him by Val Merk), Kandora (a mystical blind Oaf), Joram (the Captain of the Troll Guard), and Cordos (the Sage of Aquira), Alex finds himself in the middle of a great political battle as a rebellion between the Oaf slaves and their Troll masters is on the rise. In order to escape Crag, Alex and Mary have to help the rebellion and make sure that they don’t kill Lizzie in the process.

(This third part of the story is still up for debate, in my head, as to whether or not it’ll go in the book.) Val Merk is stuck behind on Earth and discovers that other wizards and wizardesses from Calldorn have come to stop her from proceeding with what she deems necessary for an ancient prophecy to finally be fulfilled. With the help of Eli and Lizzie’s parents and famed author David Brooks, Val must find a way to keep her enemies away long enough for Eli and the others to return from their adventures.

I welcome all thoughts on this premise. Email or facebook or even comment on here any of these thoughts.

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