National Nut Day

My friend Casey wished to inform me this morning that they have a special holiday just for me. I was pretty impressed. That makes two. What’s the other one? Why it’s December 24th of course. I mean, there aren’t many people that have family traditions on their birthday. There aren’t people that give the first gift of the season on their birthdays or open the seventh or eighth gift, depending on when Hanukkah falls. But seriously, today is National Nut Day. Do you know what that means? October 22nd should be just as fun as April 1st. Think about it, if it’s a day that is meant to show how ‘nutty’ everyone is, then we should do nutty things. Like this morning, I was very close to wearing my bathrobe, basketball shorts, and a t-shirt to work just to make a good impression on my boss’ boss who I haven’t ever met in the 16 months that I’ve been working here since she’s in Chicago.

Speaking of nuts, I saw this article and thought it was ironic that the diamond was compared to the size of a walnut. If you just see the picture and don’t care for the article, know that the thing the size of Gibraltar sold for 3.1 million dollars.  I’d like to meet the nut, or maybe ESP, who purchased that. Seriously, what do you do with that? You don’t go walking through Central Park or Hollywood Boulevard wearing that. Seriously, this person must own yachts, jets, and probably an empire or two.

Right now though, cashews and almonds sound really good. So, without further ranting and raving and 1000 words or more, Happy National Nut Day. Be a nut. Eat a cashew or almond or some sunflower seeds if you’re allergic.


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  1. I’ll gladly take a diamond the size of a walnut. 🙂

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