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Top 10 Time Wasting Websites

There was an article recently about great time wasting websites. I don’t know where the link is and I’m too lazy to find it. But, I figure, I’ll let people know where I waste most of my time in a day. These suggestions are so people who need a break from reality can enjoy something else in their life. The number one time wasting site that people may expect on my list but isn’t would be youtube. Funny enough, I don’t go there very often. And yet, for some reason, some people think it’s a given that I would. *shrug*.  So, let the countdown begin.

10. ESPN.com: Yeah, this is the ultimate sports lover site. I had a friend once say he goes to Fox or some other sports website and informed me that one of the sports writers there referred to ESPN as the ‘mother ship.’ Isn’t the mother ship where everyone goes to get their information? Is that a bad thing that ESPN is the most informed? Hmm….weird.

9. Magic the Gathering: It’s not holding the appeal that it once did, keeping me so obsessed over the game that I couldn’t think about anything else. It was to the point that Mary wanted to stab pencils in her ears just so she couldn’t hear me talk about it. *Shrug*. (Like she doesn’t get obsessed over anything.)

8. The Fail Blog: Always worth going to. Especially when you need a good pick me up.

7. The Denver Channel: “Um hey, T.J. (or Tim), you do realize that you’ve never lived in Denver and that you’ve only visited your brother there twice, right?” Yes, but what you don’t know is that my friend Casey always sends me to this site for awesome trivia games and occasionally an interesting story.

6. KSL: KSL is the local (Utah local) NBC affiliate. Local news, sports, weather…mostly, I check to see if anyone is selling something interesting in the for sale section. I can never afford it anyway. Usually, I’m hunting Magic cards. 🙂

5. People of Wal-Mart: Just one look and you’re hooked at mocking the halloween-goin’, masqueradin’ weirdos that step foot in America’s busiest and least popular superstore.

4. Twitter: So, I don’t go to Twitter because I actually think it’s the best social networking site. I go there for my info. I am currently following Regan Bolli (a mayoral candidate), a bunch of people associated with Magic: The Gathering, authors James Dashner and Brandon Sanderson (neither of which have I actually finished reading their books; I am reading James Dashner’s The Maze Runner and it is so far very good). More importantly, I follow my sister Apryl and my friend Casey.

3. Dear Wynne: Seriously, this site is hilarious. Have you ever read Dear Abbey or something like that and been like “Why did I even read that? It was such an obvious answer!” Well, Wynne gives the sarcastic and blunt honest that the person asking the question didn’t want to hear to begin with. It’s starting to grow with it’s popularity.

2. Google Reader: No link here. My Google reader is hooked up with a lot of blogs. I mostly follow authors that interest me along with family and friends. But I seriously have this thing up all day so I can check out the latest blog updates.

1. Safety Graphic Fun: I really enjoy this site. It’s my favorite time waster because of the comments. It also helped that my friend Casey and I came up with the winning entry for this sites latest contest. It was mostly her idea, so she got the mug. If you can do a search on it, search of “St. Patrick.” It still makes me laugh.

Well, that’s it for now. Have fun wasting time and enjoy your weekend.


2 Responses

  1. “People of Walmart” and “Failblog” rule!

  2. You’re on twitter? cool.

    I love failblog. I’m actually subscribed to them via my google reader…


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