Santa and the Chimney

If I recall the story correctly, the year would have to be 1996. It was the only year while living in Ventura that I did not go trick-or-treating. Sadly, I had a football game that day and didn’t have time to go out trick-or-treating. The only reason I say it’s this year is because I answered the door to the trick-or-treater with my dad.

I do not recall the guy’s name that came to our door. But, I recalled his costume quite well. I have forever thought it the most ingenious costume. He was a guy from our church and that’s all I recall about him, other than the fact he had his children with him, especially his youngest, roughly 6-month old son. This man was dressed as a chimney. Now, most would find that an odd costume. Well, his 6-month old was Santa Clause being held in a baby carrier on the guy’s chest. So, the costume was technically “Santa going down the chimney.”

My daughter’s very first Halloween was when she was only 3 months old. My wife and I didn’t care to dress her up that year. Also, we were too busy with me going to work and school and the two of us adjusting to having a new member to our family. But I told My wife my costume idea (that I obviously stole). I wanted our daughter to be Santa and me be a chimney. Well, my wife vetoed it because Halloween was too cold to take our daughter outside. So, my wife agreed that when we had a son that I could dress him up as Santa and I would be a chimney.

So, when my wife and I found out that our second child was going to be a boy back in January, I was pretty excited. Yeah, I’d get to have a son who hopefully will have a love for the Dodgers and the NFL. But even better, I told my wife that he’d be old enough for me to be a chimney.

Well, last week, I was having a bad day at work. I was really frustrated with a report. So my coworker Jeremy kindly brought me a box to punch as a joke. As much as I would’ve loved to punch it, I saw the need to complete my costume idea. Instead, I brought it home to use as my costume. On Thursday, my wife and I stayed up late painting the box red. Then, my wonderful wife spent Friday and 5 silver Sharpe markers coloring in the brick look. And Friday, for our ward Halloween party, I got to dress up my son as Santa. And I got to be a chimney. It will probably forever be my favorite costume of mine. Santa and the ChimneySo here you go. Enjoy the result. (I know I don’t look happy. My wife took to long taking the picture. Either that, or I was just uncomfortable from not being able to sit.


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  1. We stole our 2007 costume idea from AFV. We won for best costumes at the party that year too. Pain to make, but impossible to top. 😉

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