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Did you know that I like my job? Now some people may say that this is a plug for “my most important jobs are husband and father.” And yeah, I could give a soppy, feel-good story about how I love being a husband and father. Well, it’s true, I do love being a husband and father. But I actually can wake up in the morning, get showered, get in a car, drive 40 miles to Murray, UT, and not dread every second of it.

Have you ever seen those lame commercials that try to get people to go to their college with things like “tired of your job?” “be a nurse” “be a dental hygenist” “learn quikbooks” etc, etc, etc? Yeah, I’m not in a dead end job. I worked my Hungarian hiney off to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Why accounting? I actually enjoy numbers. I enjoy researching things. I enjoy having to think logically. Accounting offers all those things. It is very tiring when people try to tell me that “accountants are boring!” I hate it when people ask me the question “Are you an ‘Angela’, ‘ Oscar’, or ‘Kevin’?” Well, recently, I discovered what that question truly met. (Yes, I just recently started borrowing the Office seasons from Jeremy.) And now I know what the answer is. “I’m better than all three.” Seriously? Are people that dense to believe that there are only three types of accountants in the world? a) stuck-up, self-righteous snobs. b) token gay guy. c) personality deficient. Really? I don’t think so. That’s like saying “In high school, were you Zack, Screech, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, or Lisa.” Seriously?  (I’m sure Facebook has a quiz for this.)

Are people that dense to believe that tv shows are actually based on 100% people? I guess sometimes they are. But those shows are not the ones you’re thinking they are. (Reality shows aren’t even based off of real people IMO, and I’m a huge Survivor/Big Brother fan. And yes, I’d most like to go on the Amazing Race to spend time with my sister Apryl. Even though I say I’d rather to Big Brother because I have a problem with too much travel and sleep deprivation. But it’d be fun to argue with my sister on stupid stuff just for the cameras.) Anyway, why are people so quick to judge? If you know me, you know that I do have my religious beliefs that I will always follow and never stear from. People know that I get passionate when I feel my argument is being put into question on anything (mostly when I’m told I’m wrong and know I’m right.) I really enjoy being creative (fyi, not a remote requirement for accounting) as I am trying to get a Young Adult fiction book published. So, I guess, if you really had to choose an Office character for me, it’d probably be Dwight. No, wait, I actually put someone’s desk item in Jell-o. That would make me Jim. I also like making fun of someone. Hmm……..but I’m an accountant, so I can only be one of the three.

Oh, here’s an idea. At work, I’m T.J. Oh wow! What a novel idea! Not comparing myself to characters from a fictional tv show is probably 10 times better than doing so. I’d rather compare myself to me and the potential I seek. And I assure you I seek to not be any of the Office characters. I’d have quit a long time ago when Michael opened his mouth.

Word to the wise: Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s demoralizing and self-damaging.

Arrogant Trivia: (My new section of my blog. Since most of the people reading this know me, and I love useless trivia, I’m adding this to my blog. Oh, by the way, who’s life is more useless when it comes to trivia than mine?)

Which song plays on my cell phone when Mary calls me?

a) Kissed by a Rose by Seal

b) At the Beginning from the Anastasia soundtrack

c) Forever and Always by Shania Twain

d) The Wodnerful Thing about Tiggers by Tigger

Answer will be given tomorrow.


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  1. One day we will get on “The Amazing Race”…one day…

  2. If I called your work and ask for Tim, would I get you?

    I vote b or d.

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