10 Things Annoying People Complain About

This list I figured would be fun to do. Since I have an ‘annoying’ theme going on with my blog for the top 10 list, I decided to go with this list. It’s been very funny to hear/watch lately what people complain about.

10. My HOA (or even city) sucks. That’s nice. If you don’t like it. I’m sure you can leave. “But I can’t afford anywhere else.” Then, in the words of my brother-in-law Bruce, I say, “Quit your boobing.” DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Seriously. If it sucks that bad, try and enact some change. Go to HOA and city council meetings. There are certain freedoms that we possess. There are an average of 5 or 6 people that attend my HOA meetings, which I intend to improve my attendance on. There are a common 3 people that attend my city council meeting, again, something I intend to improve my attendance on. If you sit back and think that the community/city’s going to do what you want without telling them you’re very short sighted. Seriously, I missed when mind reading was the new 6th sense.

9. There are no good drivers on the road. It amazes me that so many people say this. The funny thing is, a good portion of the people saying this are the morons causing the 405 to take 2 hours to get 20 miles or are forcing I-15ers to take forever to get through North Las Vegas or South Salt Lake. It’s not like the whole world is New York City in the morning on a movie or tv show. I would never say there are no good drivers on the road. Why? I’d be classifying myself as a bad driver. 🙂

8. I hate the book I’m reading. My first question is: Is it a school project? If the answer is no, then I will ask: Are you already near the end? If the answer is no, then I will ask “Then why are you reading it?” If someone says that they like the author and want to read all his books (which was me 7 years ago with John Grisham, still failing on that one. The Chamber ruined it for me, which I never finished by the way.) The only reason to keep reading a bad book is if it’s in the middle of a series and you have heard wonderful things about the next one (the only thing that got me through book 4 of Harry Potter.)

7. I hate my job. I strongly believe that we are today an accumulation of the person that we have been all our yesterdays. First question: Did ya finish high school? I commend my friend (name removed to protect some innocence) for convincing her boyfriend (later husband) to finish high school. She didn’t care if he got a degree, just finishing high school was important enough. If you’re unhappy working at Wal-Mart, then be like some character in a feel-good movie and hunt down the job that actually pays more. If you like working at Wal-Mart I commend you for enjoying the costumes that people wear.

6. My kids are interfering with all my time. Poor child. Oh, not you. Your kids. Seriously, then why’d you have them. “Accident.” Well that’s a totally different story now isn’t it. I should say “Whose fault is that?”

5. It’s too hot/cold here in Anytown, USA. Really? Do you live there? Move! If it’s too hot, quit wearing those ugly sweaters in July. If it’s too cold, put on some pants. I saw some teenage girls the other day wearing shorts that were big enough to fit my three-year old as a pair of shorts. One of them, I swear said, “It’s getting cold.” I wanted to look at her and say, “Seriously? It’s getting cold? Did you not notice that it’s October in Utah? We do not live in San Diego or Hawaii. You’re stuck in this state. If you can afford $40 shorts, you can buy $20 jeans at wal-mart. Shoot, you could buy a jacket with the leftover money.” Put on some clothes or quit complaining your cold.

4. I hate my commute to work. Now, if the person prefaces this with “I love my job, just not the commute. Where I live is great, but where I work is just an annoying distance away” then I’m not going to say anything. But if they’re complaining that the L.A. traffic on their way to the 20th McDonald’s from their house is unbearable, then I’m wondering how they passed 1st grade.

3. I look too fat. Two options here. Either lose weight. Now, I know that’s easier said than done. So, your next option is to QUIT BUYING TUBE TOPS! They’re not pretty on you. Go find the way to make you look best and feel comfortable. There’s a whole tv station for you called Style. Speaking of….

2. My house is a mess. Clean it! Really! If you’re going to be home, clean it! I have had to deal with Mary being gone for 5 weeks once. After about a week and a half the place was a mess and I realized, “I hate this. I’m going to clean it.” It wasn’t “I hate this. Oh well.” I used to be extremely messy. But, guess what. I grew out of it. I learned how to say, “I’m sick of looking at this dirty living room” and get my Hungarian hiney moving so that it was clean, or at least decent.

1. I hate ‘so-and-so’ because of _____. Get over yourself. Admit that your jealous of them and move on. Gees! Stop creating gossip! Quit crying how they’re too skinny, too ugly, too mean, too….blah! Anyone who really listens to this kind of whining and forms an opinion of the person needs to get a life more than the moron saying it. Why do you have to give your opinion like this? Seriously! Especially if ‘so-and-so’ turns into ‘this person, that person, this chick, this dude, this guy, that boy, etc.’ I doubt the whole world has decided its goal was to get on your “I don’t like list.”

Yesterday’s answer to Useless Me Trivia: Mary’s ringtone for my phone is “The Wonderful World of Tiggers.”

Useless trivia for the day:

What color t-shirt did my friend Casey say looked good on me and cause me to seek out that color in many polos and tees that I wear now?
a) Violet
b) Green
c) Orange
d) Aquamarine

Answer on Monday 🙂


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  1. A good verse that’s very hard to live by, and applies to this blog, is Philippians 2:14. “Do everything without complaining or arguing.” NIV

    Also in regards to trivia: I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!!

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