Top 10 Things People Have Gotten Annoyed At I’ve Never Done

It’s funny when people say things like “You’ve never…! I can’t believe it” and my response in my head, “And somehow I’ve managed to live almost 28 years without it. I think I’m ok.” This list will contain movies I’ve never seen, places I’ve never been to, and other fun things that I’ve never done amazingly enough.

10. Titanic. Ok, I have to just start with this one. I knew people who saw this in the theaters multiple times. One person saw it 8 or 9 times that I knew. Wow! I saw Star Wars Episode 1 five times because my ex-girlfriend didn’t want to see anything else. What was your excuse for seeing Titanic so many times? My favorite question on this used to be “Do you even know what happens in the movie?” And my response has been the same. “Sure. He gets on the boat. She gets on the boat. They meet. Fall in love. Boat hits an iceberg. It sinks. Leo dies. My heart will go on. The end.” Did I miss anything important? (I still don’t think the necklace is important.)

9. San Diego. Did you know I’m a Charger fan, So Cal native, and I’ve never been to San Diego? Yep, it’s true. I never have. I’ve been about an hour away at my closest time. But no, never been there. Next year before my 10-year reunion, Mary and I intend to ratify this. But you know what, I never had reason to go down there before. I intend to. Just not something I’ve ever really been able to do.

8. Surfing. Speaking of California, I’ve never gone surfing. So, surprisingly enough, I have very excellent balance. However, I also have a fear of falling and a fear of drowning. Not a good combo for surfing.

7. Won a Magic Tournament. I will never claim to be the greatest Magic player. But I really want to just have one a single Magic event. Unfortunately, I haven’t. People at the store I play at are surprised because of how often I’ve played there. Well, let me win one then and you can quit being annoyed. 🙂 There was one time I made it to the Top 8 where they were supposed to do a quick 3-round tournament. But all 8 of us agreed to just split the prizes evenly. And then another time I went undefeated for the night. But one other guy did as well so I ended up second. 😦

6. Santa Monica Pier. Guess what. Never been. Been promised I’d go there. But, I haven’t ever been there. I know many people from outside of CA that go to the pier. I’m sure many CA natives have been there a few times each. Just something you do down there I guess. Not me. You know, I never went to the city walk until my sister took Mary and me there in 2006. I went to the Hollywood walk of fame on a date with Tiare back in 2002. My parents seemed to not like going down there. But then again, if it didn’t have people in costumes and roller coasters, I didn’t want to go there as a kid. I guess all these people have people in some sort of costume though 😉

5. Napoleon Dynamite. Really? This is that funny of a movie. Gosh! I think I’ve heard all the funny lines from it. I love it when people quote this movie. Initially shocked that I don’t know what they’re talking about. Then they inform me that it’s obviously from N.D. And then when I tell them I’ve never seen it they call me ‘sheltered’ or ‘wow, you really don’t get out much.’ Um….you’re quoting a movie doesn’t mean you do either. Guy who looks like a complete moron acts like he’s not. That’s not a movie, it’s my life. 🙂

4. Drink/smoke. People who know me, know I’m Mormon. Never have, never will. I’m good. My religious beliefs. Don’t like it? Tough. I stand by my beliefs. I don’t judge you for doing so, I just don’t do it. Don’t get mad at me for sticking by my own convictions and beliefs. And yeah, I never even just tried either one of those things. I don’t really believe I’m missing anything. You can believe it all you want.

3. San Francisco. Now this one is very common for people outside of California who know nothing about the geography of big cities in the U.S. Normally, on a map, there’s San Francisco near the top third of CA while L.A. is in the bottom quarter of CA. Guess what, I’ve never been there! I don’t intend to go there unless I’ve got tickets to a San Francisco 49ers game. Maybe a Giants game, but they better be playing the Dodgers. Really, I’m from California and have never been further north than Madera, which is near Fresno.

2. Skiing/Snowboarding. You live in the place that claims to have the greatest snow on earth and you’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding. Again, fear of falling. Check out this post to be reminded of my fear of heights. I would love to do this sometime. But fyi, it’s expensive. Seriously if it’s $6 to ride the death-swing up and down, then why would I pay more than that to get scared out of my wits. If I really want to be scared, I’ll go to the People of Wal-Mart blog. At least I don’t have to pay to be scared there.

1. The Matrix. What? How come I am the only person who never saw this movie? Well, in all honesty, I don’t really care. It’s actually really funny how many people who once said “it’s the best movie ever” are now saying “it’s ok.” Wow! So all the hype you gave it ten years ago was what, TRENDY? And yes, I did just call it trendy. Oh well.

And now, it’s time for useless ‘me’ trivia. Yeah! I know you’re excited.
The answer to yesterday’s question (which was obvious, I know) is Hungary. My mom’s grandparents came from Hungary in 1950/1951 and my mom always wished to go there. One day, I’ll get to go to the home of my ancestors. And hopefully all my siblings will get to go with me.

Today’s question: Which phrase did I always say that came from a Power Ranger movie?
a) Have a nice trip. See you next fall. Buh-bye.
b) Touch me again, you’ll be chicken wings in the morning.
c) I can do that, I just choose not to.
d) What is that odious stench? Smells like teenagers.


3 Responses

  1. 10. Own it. I like your synopsis.
    9. Been there multiple times. Best things 1) Zoo, 2) Ikea.
    8. I prefer laying on the sand and oogling surfers 😉
    7. I play sports and win trophies at that.
    6. Never been, no real desire to.
    5. Pass.
    4. Drink, yes. Smoke, no.
    3. See #9a
    2. I live in CO, so yes…but I’ve never been snowboarding in CO.
    1. Own all 3.


  2. 10. Love story movies bite
    9. I lived in that city for crying out loud (okay Del Mar, but in SD county)
    8. You’re really missing out here. Remember when I made you learn to swim? How about the zipper? I do have the power to make you surf. You’ll enjoy it too.
    7. I’ve never played so I can’t comment
    6. I’ve been many times over the years through the different iterations.
    5. You’re missing out here. Freaking hysterical. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.
    4. I’ve been really drunk in San Diego, at the SaMo Pier, in SF, and had a few while snowboarding. Smoking is for icky people.
    3. I *heart* SF and have been to a Niners game and stuffed myself full of yummy food. Oh, and drinks.
    2. I can’t wait to go this winter!
    1. No real comment here. I’ve seen it but don’t feel strongly either way.

    P.S. Your mother’s PARENTS came from Hungary while they were pregnant with your mother. Her older brother had already been born (in Germany) and they came to CA. Mom was the first born in the US.

    And I know you can do that and choose not to.

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