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It’s a Scary Tree

I love that line from “The Emperor’s New Groove.” I actually just love most the movie. The music, the characters, the themes, they’re all wonderful.

The thing that I like about that line though is the arrogance of Kuzco. Well, not his arrogance, per se, but the irony of his arrogance. I’m a fairly arrogant person sometimes. I know I am. I can willingly admit it without hurting my feelings. Calling me arrogant may not field the same result. Anyway, Kuzco arrogance isn’t the only thing that gets him in trouble. Being arrogant isn’t horrible. I once heard Brandon Sanderson (or it could’ve been James Dashner; now that I think about it, it was probably Dashner) say “It’s ok to be arrogant when you’re a published author.” Oh, so what else could be Kuzco’s downfall? Ignorance.

There are some people I’ve met that are so arrogant and ignorant it pains me to listen to them talk. Now, I do my best to not be ignorant (arrogant is a different subject; I enjoy being arrogant occasionally….frequently…whatever). However, at times, it’s quite humorous to watch some of these people in ‘action’. For example let’s say, hypothetically, that Bob is talking to Jane. Now, Bob is trying to joke with Jane. Well, Jane doesn’t appreciate the joke and looks at Bill, rolling her eyes in annoyance. Bob keeps talking even though Bill and Jane have obviously expressed that they’re uninterested in what Bob has to say. And Bob is ignoring the fact that he’s annoying Bill and Jane. He just keeps jabbering away even though all he’s doing is making people like him less and less. Why do people like my hypothetical Bob or our good fictional Kuzco act like this?

Arrogance and ignorance are pure stupid bliss. That’s why they act like this. They honestly see themselves immune to ignorance and just keep yapping because they think they’re informed. Like a Mormon in Utah telling me what life is like in CA. Or a non-Mormon in New York telling me what I believe as a Mormon. Or an Accounting 101 student telling me how to correct an error. Or somebody generalizing something and then saying “No, of course I didn’t mean all (that type of person) does (this thing).” Then why’d you say it? Even funnier is when you’re talking and an ignorant, arrogant person says, “I don’t think that blah, blah, blah” and they unwittingly just agreed with you because they weren’t listening to what you were saying. That’s what really bugs me about people like this. If you’re going to be a part of a conversation, make sure you’re listening to what the other person said. Even if it is about soap and you’re giving your suggestion to use Dial (because you wish everybody did) instead of Irish Spring (because you’ve been to Ireland and that’s not what the springs smelled like there), at least pay attention when the smelly guy you’re talking to says “I use Dial because I think it smells better” before you give your suggestion. Honestly, people, pay attention to what’s going on around you. It’s annoying that some people really believe they’re above this stupid act.

And to finish this off, it’s even more annoying when I say “I use Dial because I wish everybody did” and you respond with “Hey! You use Dial. Do you wish everybody else did?” I’m sorry, didn’t I just make that lame, cliche joke? I think I did. But no, you’re too ignorant to pay attention to me before your arrogant voice spoke up. Oh well, we’re not immune to this, but still some are better at listening and paying attention than others.

Rejection and query count on Eli and the Amethyst: 5 rejections on 13 queries sent.

Lame trivia of the day:
Our next girl, if we have one, Mary and I want to name her Kimberly (until further notice). For whom would/will she be named?
a) the original pink power ranger
b) my friend Kim/Kimmy/Kimberly that I’ve known for the last 20+years
c) Kimberly Williams-Paisley, the actress
d) we just like the name from the baby book


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  1. I’ll let you know if I smell any springs in Ireland whilst I am there next month. 🙂

    Trivia answer: B

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