Another Boring Book Update as an Attempt to Entertain

I have sent out 15 query letters and have received 5 rejections thus far.

Presently, I am finishing up chapter 14 and will hopefully be able to plow through the next 6 or 7 that will round out the book.

So, for my book, I have narrowed down my ‘cast of characters’ a little bit from when I started. Originally there were far too many. There are currently 4 main characters: Elijah Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, Alexander Tanner, and Val Merk. There are 7 minor characters: Lerac Redorsh, Mary Hallowell, Macres, Kandora, Joram, Cordos Pry, and Yteva Dilm. There are many lesser characters, including, but not limited to: Carter Weaver, Ecrub Redorsh, Slanter, Acres, Kre, Banya, Benja Marin, Jeremy, Kimberly, Brumi Dilm, King Jemric Dilm, and Bebo. Now you are forewarned on who you will be meeting when you read my book. And you will read my book or at least buy it. (Jedi mind trick at work.)

Oh, I’ve got some trivia. Let’s see, if I had a magic power or gift or whatever, I’d like to be able to move objects, including people. I would gladly be able to teleport anywhere, but moving things will hopefully let me move myself and I can go wherever I want. 🙂

Today’s useless trivia: What is my current job title with my company?
a) Staff Accountant
b) Accountant I
c) Sales Assistant
d) Accounting Assistant


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  1. I know I’ve asked you that question before…but um…pregnancy brain is my excuse if I am wrong. That being said, I vote A.

  2. I don’t know. What is the answer?

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