10 Things About My Mom

I have been too busy to blog lately. No, seriously. I haven’t had time to do it at work. I can’t believe work has been getting in the way of doing the important things like blogging! Gees! (J/k).

So, the last question I asked was my job title. That would be Staff Accountant. (For those that care.)

Anyway, I know it’s not my usual ’10 things’ day. But,  it’s a special day. My mom would be 58 today if she were still with us. So, on her birthday, I’m going to honor her with a list of things that I think people should remember her for, I know I will. Enjoy, and sorry for the sappy post, but I’ve been planning on doing this for a while now.

10. Texas Tea. My mom gambled a little bit. When she went to Vegas she would love to go to the casino with my dad and play at a Texas Tea machine. I never had the opportunity to join her, but I knew that was her favorite game. It’s funny how this little armadillo or chinchilla or whatever it is would make her (and almost anyone playing it) smile when at least three of the animal hit on a line. (If you don’t know my gambling terminology, too bad. And I really don’t care to explain it further.)

9. Scrapbooking. My mom was great at scrapbooking. I have a binder full of pictures that she scrapbooked for me. It’s a wonderful memento and I will cherish it always.

8. Disney. My mom loved Disney. Disney was just a wonderful thing to her. She liked the princess stories of course. But she also loved going to Disneyland as well. And, she definitely had her favorite one.

7. Beauty and the Beast. This has nothing to do with the Disney movie. Well, yeah, no, yeah…Anyway, Mom loved the story of Beauty and the Beast before Disney made it big, just like my cousin Erika loved the story of The Little Mermaid before Disney made that big. My mom loved the tv show that was done in the 80s. She just really liked the story. Of course, her favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. It also helped that Angela Lansbury of Murder, She Wrote was in there. Speaking of…

6. Murder, She Wrote. Well, if you ask my mom and dad, they changed the name of the show to ‘Murder, She Caused.’ I mean seriously, if Jessica Fletcher moved to my town, I’d move. That woman just brings murder with her. She went to NYC for a few seasons of the show even. Not like murder was easily avoided there. But with the small town in Maine that she started off in, almost everybody ended up killing somebody. I personally thought that she and Matlock had a deal to commit murders for one another to keep each other busy.

5. Barbie. My mom had a huge barbie collection. She had all the international Barbies, historical Barbies, Lucy Barbies, Christmas Barbies, and various other Barbies. She loved displaying them. One in particular was a Christmas barbie in a green dress. I was able to get that one a few years ago and we display it every Christmas now.

4. “The Cat Who…” books. My mom loved to read. But out of all the murder-mystery series that she read, “The Cat Who…” topped her list. She just loved Koko and YumYum for whatever reason. There was something about those two cats that made her smile as she read the books. I don’t know anything more than the cats’ names, but if you ever want a fun mystery series, that was a good one.

3. Purple. Seriously this was a woman that was obsessed over a color. Oh, I’m not mad at her. I knew three other girls growing up that shared this passion for the color purple. I was absolutely amazed at it, but they all did. My mom had to have everything purple. You’d think she was born in February. Nope, she wasn’t. But amethysts were her favorite stones. My mom has ingrained onto her children’s minds that purple is the best color. Well, not really. But for special family occasions, a lot of us have purple ties to wear to honor my mom. Mary and I had an unlit purple candle to represent my mom at our wedding. Purple flowers grew outside my dad’s parents house out of nowhere shortly after her passing. Even Lizzie, when asked what her favorite color, will list purple then pink, just as my mom always did. Occasionally, Mary will have to go purchase something and she’d choose the purple one having no real reason why.

2. I Love Lucy. Mom had all the I Love Lucy episodes memorized. She passed before they came out on DVD or I’m sure she would’ve owned them all the moment they came out. I Love Lucy was my mom’s favorite tv show. I watched them with her all the time. At first, when I got back from my mission, I couldn’t watch it. But finally, I was able to watch them and enjoy as I once did. Recently, Mary and I watched the episode where Lucy finds out she’s pregnant. This was my mom’s favorite episode. And because I knew that, just watching it made me tear up. Funny enough, there was a time after my mom passed that Mattel sent my mom an I Love Lucy Barbie. I thought it was nice.

1. Family. My mom was very unhappy when I would say “I hate Chris.” (He’s my older brother for those that don’t know.) She would always remind me “He’s your brother and you should love him, not hate him.” My mom loved her family more than anything. She raised four children along with housing a niece and a bunch of her kids’ friends throughout their upbringings. She was a mom to many people, but she always put her family first. My mom loved my dad very much. She loved us four kids. She loved her sister and niece as much as she could. She loved her parents and siblings. She loved her in-laws. But most of all, she loved her grandchildren. It’s sad that she only got to know two of them. But, on the same note, we know that my daughter would be her favorite because, well, let’s face it, Mom couldn’t resist dressing up little girls. And since I was the youngest, and a darn proud momma’s boy, Lizzie would probably get more attention than her cousins. Even though it sucks not having her around, I know that my mom is watching over her granddaughter and all her grandchildren.

I’m not looking for responses on this blog, unless they have to do with my mom specifically. It is her birthday and I’m looking to keep this day (at least the one in 2009) special for her.

No random useless trivia today. I was in a meeting from 10:30 this morning until 5:30 this afternoon. I took 1 five-minute break and 1 ten-minute break during that time. The company paid for lunch for me and the other two in the meeting. I don’t recall my job having responsibilities like meetings before, but I am very pleased with it. So, until…well…whenever.

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