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Sorry, I’ve been away from computers for the past few weeks during my free time. I know you all missed my awesome posts and useless vanity trivia.

We all know you make them. Don’t worry about it. Everyone makes them. They’re promises to yourself. To quote Lumiere from one of my mom’s favorite movies, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, as he speaks to the Beast “…promises you don’t intend to keep…” So, am I one of those lame people that makes New Year’s Resolutions? Of course I am. I don’t make too many but I always reflect on what I want to do in the coming year.

Let’s look at last year’s goal. I intended (truly I did) to run a 5k. I really wanted to do it. It’s not something that I would normally do. I could get rid of some of the flab hanging over my belt. It would’ve been great. Why didn’t I run? Well, I intended to. I started jogging here and there. And then there’s this annoying thing that I can’t stand. It’s called pain. Oh no, I could’ve dealt with the pain from running that goes with normal lazy people finally jogging. No, there’s this pain in my back from the last 2 1/2 years now from a wonderful car accident. Seriously, running was making the pain worse. I was honestly told by my doctors that running wasn’t the best thing for my back until I got it stronger. (fyi, I still am planning on that 5k.)

This year, I have a few goals that I’m going to try and meet.

1) Finish my book for the 3rd time and keep the storylines the same. Only thing I should be doing after this revision is fixing grammar and maybe adding details and clarity.
2) Find an agent. Yep, I need an agent. I’m going to find one. I’m going to meet my lifelong dream of being a published author. Finding an agent is that first step. 🙂 I’m going to meet that this year.
3) Lose 10 pounds. Yeah, that’s probably the least likely event to happen this year, but hey, it’s always a worthy goal. But I can’t afford new pants nor can I afford to stretch the ones I’ve got now any further. Only solution is to lose weight.
4) Strengthen my back. Well, it’s not too difficult to follow through with my exercises. Rumor has it that yoga is a good strengthening exercise for a back. I’m going to use my Wii Fit’s yoga program and see if that starts to help. After that, we’ll see if I go find a yoga class or maybe just be lame and buy a video at home.
5) Win the lottery. This is the 15th year in a row that I’ve made this goal. There’s also no lottery in Utah. But hey, everyone’s got to have that goal that they’re never going to meet. Shoot, if I get a few million from a slot machine in Vegas, I’d take that as well.
6) Read my scriptures more often. (yes, I know that’s not very definitive. I haven’t defined that yet.) This is for my own personal spiritual growth.
7) In December, make goals for 2011 that fit in the four categories of life.

If you’re wondering what the four categories of life are, they’re simply this: mental, physical, social, and spiritual. You can add emotional goals, but emotions can easily be tied to all four of those, so I’m just going with the four categories of life. Yeah! Should I do a useless trivia? Um…..yeah, of course….but what question should I do?

Guess what, it’s playoffs time in the NFL. There are 12 teams vying for Super Bowl bling (because we all love bling, which isn’t a word according to WordPress.) Which of the 12 teams are the two teams I’m rooting against?
a) Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints
b) New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys
c) San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals
d) Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings
e) New York Jets and Green Bay Packers
f) Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles

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