Getting Closer

The third draft is……….still not done. Nope, not there yet. I’m working on chapter 20 of what should be 25 (maybe 26). The chapter I’m working on is supposed to be one of two climaxes (two storylines, two climaxes, duh!). So I want this chapter to be very intriguing with a lot of information revealed for the reader that may be confusing throughout the book at this point. The following chapter will also be similar in intrigue, but not as much info in it. I’m hopefully going to get to that one soon. It’ll be nice to be done with this draft.

I haven’t heard from any more agents. The majority of whom I’m going to assume are uninterested. One was interested in further information, but it’s been a month since I sent to her. Kinda scary if she wants more but I’m not truly completed yet, huh? I need to get my Hungarian hiney moving on this then. Even if she’s not interested, I’ve got to get stuff prepared for more agents anyway. There are lots that want a 1-10 page synopsis (this does mean that I have to create about 3 different synopsis, which may be both singular and plural, since people want 1 page only, 2-5 pages, 3-8 pages, and 8-10 pages synopsis.) Plus, I’ve got to review my first 50 pages when I complete this draft for the errors that Mary has found and to check for inconsistencies and such. Grrr……why am I so lazy right now? Well, I’ll git ‘er done. I just need to relax, take my time, and hurry up. (That wasn’t contradictory or anything.) Well, here’s to finishing one day. Go me go!

So I haven’t done useless trivia about me lately. Hmmmmm…….fun question this time.

If I had to choose which ‘universe’ to live in, what would I choose and why?
a) The Star Trek Universe: I would want to be a lieutenant on a starship, like the Enterprise. I mean, hey, the Enterprise isn’t the ship that gets destroyed. Plus, you don’t need money in the 24th century according to Capt. Picard. (Am I right Erin, or am I right?)
b) The Magic Universe: Only if I’m a planeswalker on this one. I want to be able to control magic and use magic and go wherever I want. Of course, in the Magic multiverse (because that’s how Magic refers to it), I wouldn’t need money to get what I want.
c) The Star Wars Universe: But only if I could be one of the next Jedi. I’d rather not be pre-Star Wars IV, that’d be depressing.
d) The Arrassnel Universe: What’s that you asked? Why that’s my own universe in my book. Duh! It’d be fun to go to different worlds and see different creatures inhabiting each one.

Hmmm……….the best thing is, I don’t know the answer until tomorrow. I do have an inkling towards one, but we’ll see what I force myself to decide tomorrow. Until then you can vote/guess.

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