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Casey’s going to snore. Apryl’s going to disregard. Those are my Super Bowl Predictions for 2010. Other prediction? Eric’s going to cheer for both teams. So am I. Chris isn’t even going to watch. And the thousands of BYU fans are going to watch to see if Austin Collie will catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Charger fans will be angry for letting Drew Brees go for the cocky and arrogant Philip Rivers.

Of course, if you know me, over the past few years I’ve become a huge San Diego Chargers fan. Well, not a huge one, just a San Diego fan. In fact, Philip Rivers (if I’m spelling his first name right) is my favorite quarterback. Why? Well, I already answered that question: he’s cocky and arrogant. Yeah, he hasn’t won the big games. But it was awesome watching him trash talk Cutler from the sideline last year before the Denver game. The guy (who’s barely older than me) is truly awesome for not caring about what people think of him. He tries to get in people’s heads. When I played basketball (and yes, I did, but not anything truly competitive) I used to do that. Yeah, I’m like the shortest guy on the court. And there were far too many times that one of my opponents would go across the court for a layup. What would I do? Run to try and catch up to him (which is sad that short, round me used to be the closest guy to him as opposed to anyone else with long legs on my team) and just before the guy would take the shot I would yell, scream, and/or roar at him. Why? Because 50% of the time he missed. 🙂

Did you know that my sister is going to cringe when she finds out that I think Peyton Manning is the better quarterback between him and Brady? Did you know that I believe Manning has one of the great ability to manage his team on the field (FYI, he’s not there on defense)? Did you know that my third favorite quarterback in the NFL is Brees? I respect him for taking a team that has never been to an NFC championship game, much less a Super Bowl, and over the last four or five years, he’s been to the NFC championship twice in the last 4 years, and now they’re going to the Super Bowl. He’s not the greatest QB ever or anything. But he’s got a respectable career going for him.

Who are my least favorites? Well, Tom Brady is actually not on the bottom of my list. I don’t know where he sits, but he’s not bottom three. Those location go to Brett Favre, Tony Romo, and Michael Vick. That’s just quarterbacks. My least favorite player is Terrell Owens. Seriously? Does he think he’s the only wide receiver in the NFL? Should the other ten guys on your team do nothing? Should the defense sit there and watch you catch the ball and run for a touchdown? Are you talented? Yes. Are you the only one that can catch a ball? Nope. Not at all. I gotta say, I lost some respect for Buffalo for that transaction. Didn’t gain any for Dallas of course.

Do I have a favorite team? Yeah, that’d be San Diego. Closest thing to an L.A. team. Plus, they’ve been dominating a weak AFC West lately. I really have been a closet Indy fan (I’m afraid that Apryl will kill me for saying that). But come on, Indy is one of those teams that use to be on the bottom level and has fought hard to come back up with Peyton at QB. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Patriots were 1-15 in the early 1990s at one point, still don’t like overkill dominance. Hence why I’m not a Dallas or San Fran fan. Funny, still a Pittsburgh fan, as they’re my 3rd favorite team.

Of course, there are those four teams that everyone should be rooting for at this point. They are: Detroit, Jacksonville, Houston, and Cleveland. Houston, still semi-new, is doing awesome for being in a tough AFC South. One game from getting to the playoffs this year. Go Texans. Detroit has made it to the NFC Championship game, but they’re the only NFC team to never make it to the Super Bowl. Even the Seahawks switched conferences and made it to the big game. I honestly don’t think the Detroit Lions will ever make it to the Super Bowl. But maybe the L.A. Lions will. Hint, hint. Jacksonville and Cleveland can both thank (or blame) Elway and the Broncos for never arriving at the big game. But then again, should they blame their defense more? Of course I think the Jacksonville Jaguars would have a better shot at the Super Bowl if they were the L.A. Jaguars. Or, bring both Detroit and Jacksonville to L.A. and you’d get two ferocious feline teams. My sister may like that. Shoot, she’d like an NFL team in the one city that deserves one. And having one from each conference will help the economy. Why? Well, duh! She’s going to buy season tickets to both teams. And she’ll buy them for her husband. How is that not helping the economy? Seriously.

Anyway, I’m pleased to see the Colts return and remind the nation that there are more than two AFC teams (Patriots and Steelers). And I’m glad to see the Saints finally make it.

The answer to my last question is D. Go read it since you know you forgot 🙂

So, today’s question will be on baseball. Because, let’s face it, I’ve talked a lot of football today. Baseball season is only a few months away.

What is my favorite baseball team?
a) San Diego Padres
b) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
c) Los Angeles Dodgers
d) Oakland A’s
e) San Francisco Giants
f) New York Yankees


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  1. So I would say I’m rooting for the Colts because their coach is a Christian…but didn’t that guy retire after last season? So I’m probably SOL and will once again mostly watch the game for the commercials…but no Pepsi commercials this year and those are usually the most amusing. Hmm…I guess I’ll go to a party for the food and fellowship then.

    Trivia Answer:

  2. Go Colts!!!! Manning is the man and the Colts are awesome, so go Colts!!! Should be a good game…both teams deserve to be there.

  3. Yeah, this year’s Super Bowl = Epic Boredom. What a bunch of hype. I am so tired of the Colts, Saints, Steelers, Cowboys, and Patriots. The NFL is becoming incredibly lame.

    Oh, and Casey, there are plenty of Christian coaches but not every one of them wears it on their sleeve like Dungy. That said, he is a good guy.

    As for your baseball answer – I know what your answer BETTER be or you might not actually be part of the family.

  4. P.S. I am only a Satan Manning fan when he is in commercials and/or SNL.

  5. …and yeah…my cynicism will probably disappear once they put a team or two back in LA…even though they’re putting them an hour or so out of town…argh…

    That’s it…no more from me.

  6. Apryl – Of course I am aware that there are many Christian coaches (and players) in the NFL. I was merely creating a stream of consciousness to amuse your brother.

  7. …and he is so easily amused…

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