But Probings Are Scheduled

So a few months ago I wrote a random post with the title of First of All, Alien Abductions Are Not Voluntary. You can check out the randomness of that post here.

I honestly don’t know what that post was about and it doesn’t matter. Today will be another random day.

Having tv again has been a nice treat. I got to watch my Chargers lose (thanks a lot for repeating history). I got to watch The Big Bang Theory (thanks a lot CBS for moving my favorite tv show to a different time that makes it annoying that it’s not the first show on every Monday night). Of course, I’ve been able to add a couple of shows to what I watch (Castle, Accidentally on Purpose, and of course, my new show Human Target). I get to be excited when Survivor and Lost return to the air in February.

The funniest thing about The Big Bang Theory is the fact that last week’s new episode and this week’s rerun both mentioned cities outside of Pasadena. Well, I guess that’s not funny…yet. Last week, Sheldon decided to move to Bozeman, Montana in order to be safer. The first thing that happens, he gets robbed. My co-worker, Tami, is from Bozeman. I thought it was funny and we talked about it the next day at work (she loves The Big Bang Theory as well, so she knew what I was referring to.) Well, last night’s episode mentioned Oxnard, California. I didn’t grow up there, but I did live there for about 5 years. I thought it was hilarious that Oxnard was mentioned. Who mentions Oxnard? I still thought it was odd that one of extremely few episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 that I watched mentioned Ojai.

But, alas, I got tv at the end of football season. I can’t wait until September (maybe August) so I can watch weekends filled with football. Mary can wait, I’m sure. But Saturday college games as well as Sunday professional games. Hurry up. Until then, I’ve got some other shows to watch. But then Summer rolls around and it’ll be very rare when there’s a Dodgers game on. Basketball season will be ending, but with our tv we don’t get TNT, which means no b-ball for me really. KJZZ stopped showing Jazz games, which is why the station was named KJZZ to begin with. Oh well, maybe I’ll have to actually work on my book.

Speaking of, I still need to get my synopsis done. Of course, Casey is the slacker there. My intent: I’ll tell her to read this blog when she gets home and we’ll see if she remembers that Farkle on Facebook isn’t quite as IMPORTANT as my book. Then again, she’ll comment that now she won’t do it or something.

So, until then, vote for Elle. No wait, that isn’t right. Of course, I wouldn’t mind Reese Witherspoon playing in the all-girl football league. Utah has a team now. There’s called the Blitz or Blitzes or something. If they were all blond, could they be the ‘Ditzes’? That sounds better. Of course, it’s not bimbo bash, as my sister will surely tell you. Will I go to a game? Probably not. Why? Eh, no money, no time, too much writing to do. Pick one.

The answer to yesterday’s question was obviously answered here today. The Dodgers are the best team in the MLB. Why? Because they’re not the Yankees and don’t have thousands of fair-weather-fans throughout the U.S. Because they’re not the Rockies (did I need more for that one?). Because they were winning championships in Brooklyn and then continued to win them in L.A. Because they have the best hot dog in the world. Correction: it’s called a Dodger dog and is in its own league. Do I need more reasons? I think not, but I can come up with more.

Today’s useless trivia question is brought to you by the letter ‘L’ and the letter ‘A’ and of course, the letter ‘D’.

If I had all the money in the world to go get a second bachelor’s degree, what would it be in?
a) Math
b) Theater Arts
c) Physics
d) English

The answer may surprise some.


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  1. Your second bachelor’s degree would be in dog grooming, stop lying to your readers.

  2. Okay okay, the file is open on my computer.

    The Rockies SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I vote B.

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