The Perfect Season

Ok, so I still have football fever going on. It’s like an addiction that I have to go into rehab for during those long months between February and August. The draft helps only so little. And arena football, though interesting, doesn’t hold my interest very long. I don’t mind watching basketball (Go Lakers!) but it feels like the basketball season drags on too long. I really like the playoffs and world series, but again it drags on to me (Go Dodgers!).

So, I was looking at a mock draft that Fox had done and was beginning to think about what I wish would happen in the NFL. First, I remember when I was really young and the New England Patriots were 1-15 and the Indianapolis Colts were 2-14. Manning was graduating high school and Brady was entering it those days. (I don’t know, just a guess.) Of course, the Colts continued down there until Manning came into their own while the Patriots jumped into Super Bowl XXXI against the Packers. (Favre’s only Super Bowl win. Here’s an ode to Favre: Retire. Ok, that’s all on that.)

Anyway, my perfect Super Bowl used to be the Detroit Lions vs the Cleveland Browns. Of course, that scenario ain’t happening (ain’t is a word according to WordPress? Intriguing). So I might as well make my dream a little more interesting. My dream perfect season would have two L.A. teams again, the Lions and the Jaguars. Yes, in this scenario, that’s where those teams just suddenly moved to. Moving on, the Lions had a regular season record of 12-4 while the Jaguars were 13-3. So naturally, they’re in the playoffs

Backing up here, there were 12 teams in the playoffs. Well, of course San Francisco and San Diego were there. (Since Jacksonville is in the West in this scenario, Kansas City has moved to the South). Representing the AFC East were the Buffalo Bills (I mean, come on, 4 Super Bowls in a row and no win?). From the South you have the Houstan Texans with the wild card team of the Kansas City Chiefs. And the Cleveland Browns are the representatives of the North at 9-7 after beating the Steelers in the final game of the season. For the NFC, you’ve got the Giants (or my boss would kill me) and the Redskins from the East. The Saints….nah…the Bucs from the South. And a Favre-less Minnesota from the North. So let’s see: The Wild-Card Round:

Kansas City loses to Cleveland
San Diego beats Buffalo
Washington loses to Tampa Bay
San Francisco beats Minnesota

The Divisional Round:

Cleveland loses to L.A. Jaguars (just L.A. winning in the NFL again sounds great, right Apryl?)
San Diego beats Houston (who didn’t see that coming)
San Francisco beats New York Giants (my boss didn’t like that, my sister did)
Tampa Bay loses to L.A. Lions (my sister liked that, my brother-in-law may have been indifferent)

Conference Championships (funny enough they’re both hosted in L.A. and all four teams are Californian)
The L.A. Jaguars beat the San Diego Chargers in this scenario: 35-31
The L.A. Lions beat the San Francisco 49ers in this case: 27-24

So, the Super Bowl, which is hosted in the Coliseum where the USC Trojans play, is between the L.A. Jaguars and the L.A. Lions. I’m going to have to say that the L.A. Lions get their win (seeing as how the franchise has been in the NFL longer and the AFC has dominated the Super Bowl since Elway beat Favre).

But, let’s see, what else happened this season of nonexistence. Well, no team went less than 6-10. (The teams that went 6-10, though, are New England, Indianapolis, Denver, Philadelphia, and Dallas) The majority of the teams went somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7. Maybe another 6-10 and a few 10-6 teams.

Oh well, guess that’s why it’s called a dream.

So, yesterday’s French/Belgian comic question. The answer was b) Les Aventures des Richard. That’s not really. Smurfs actually come from Belgium initially. That’s why they’re so strange. Bob et Bobbette is real. I actually own one. I actually own Smurfs in French too. Of course, I own an Asterix as well.

Today’s useless trivia is brought to you by the letters L and A.

Which of the following is highest on my bucket list?
a) Go to a baseball game at every single baseball stadium in the MLB
b) Go to the Super Bowl
c) Go to a game in every round of the NCAA Final Four tournament
d) Go to all games in the NBA Finals
e) Go to at least one College Bowl game every day that one is played.

Again, it may surprise you 🙂


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  1. I don’t want the Lions in L.A. They totally suck. Moving them to L.A. won’t make them better. Detroit can keep them. We already have enough disappointment out here.

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