The Greatest Cartoon Ever

Before we get started, I must state, this is 100th blog. Congratulations to me for doing this much useless information. Yeah!

Last Friday was a great post. I love making fun of old tv shows. Shoot, I just love making fun of things. But in the ‘cool, now annoying’ conversation cartoons had been mentioned, and I figured, I’d eliminate them from possible options. However, I do intend to do a lame cartoon blog soon. Just not today.

No, today’s is my opinion of the greatest cartoon ever: Garfield and Friends! Oh yeah, that’s right. I love that fat cat and his anti-dog antics. Garfield is hilarious, lazy, and anti-Monday. What a great post for a Monday.

I grew up reading the Garfield comics, watching Garfield, and I even had a desk calendar for Garfield one year. It was an awesome show. It’s one of those that I can handle watching on a boring Saturday and just sit and enjoy. I would love to own all the dvds of Garfield (I own sets 4 and 5 at least). It’s classic. It mocks pretty much everything (in a kinder environment than the Simpsons, South Park, or Family Guy). Garfield is just pure fun. I still laugh at it, even if I know what’s coming half the time. Yes, I know what they say about simple minds. But come on, some times it’s nice to just veg out in front of the tv and know “I’m not going to learn anything useful for the next 25 minutes” and have it be ok. I mean really, it’s ok to just sit and watch it. I think it is.

Ok, so which good old tv show would I want to be on if I jumped back in time? Out of the four I listed on Friday, the answer is Saved by the Bell. Come on, it was cool back then. Who didn’t want Zack’s cell phone?

Today’s question will be brought to you by the letters ‘G’ and ‘arfield’. Anyway:
One thing that some people may not know about me is that I love to bake. (Yeah, you can joke about it all you want. I just won’t share the awesome fattening foods that I can make.) There is one thing that I enjoy making, well, so I can enjoy eating, more than anything. What is it?
a) Pecan Pie
b) Funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting
c) Pumpkin Pie
d) Peanut Butter Pie