So I haven’t really blogged lately. I’ve been a little lazy in just about everything. I think being able to watch episodes of tv shows during lunch has killed my motivation. I haven’t even been ‘book-related’ motivated lately. Actually, I’ve been pretty much self-doubting a lot when it comes to my book. I feel that I’ve got a great story. I’ve had people read it and say that they love it (and they’re not all related to me). Right now, the biggest problem is revising. It’s a horrible and evil process, but so necessary that it’s the one part in writing that’s a true test of an author’s character. I guess mine is that I don’t want to commit any further in some ways.

Yeah, my sister would tell me “quit the sobbing and get your butt moving” like somebody on a weight-loss show. Mary keeps reminding me that my book does have good potential. Right now, though, I just need to get through revising and get somewhere.

The goal was to send stuff out tomorrow. Am I going to make it? Yes! Of course I am. Tonight, I will home and go through the three different critiques of my first three chapters and get them all cleaned up. I will go through my synopsis and get it looking just a little better and follow some formatting suggestions given to me by my friend Jacque. And then I will find a way to get Casey to look at the final ‘revision’ remembering that she needs to understand what criteria she’s comparing against (this has caused a few useless discussions on my part by failing to communicate all necessary details). And then, I will to go through the lists of agents and see who I’m ready to send stuff to. Thank goodness, most of them are email. And then I will send this out. And then I WILL get an agent. I’ve got to stop talking to myself in terms of “this is what I still need to do” and start looking at “this is what I will be doing next”. I should have time at lunch to go through some of the suggestions. Remembering that I’m trying to convert a fun hobby into a career is very important right now. Writing has been my true dream job since I was ten or eleven. And it’s about time I achieved that dream. Ten year old me is probably mad at me right now for being so lazy. Shoot, I’m mad at me right now for being so lazy.

Wow, it’s amazing that when I started this post, I was really unmotivated. And now that I’m done, I’m ready to face the annoying things that I’ve got to do and remind myself “of course it’s work. But it’s worth it.”

Ok, so useless previous question’s answer is Pecan Pie. Yum! I need a slice or two or half pie or whole pie right now.

Today’s useless question is: How many times did my address change from August 2003-December 2005?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8


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  1. Yep – quit squawking and start walking!

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