I’m very excited for Survivor tonight. It’s my favorite show. My guilty pleasure. The one thing that is difficult for people to find a way to interrupt me during. And it was very annoying to watch it online all last season. Thank goodness for tv again.

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So, Jeff Probst talked the other day about who didn’t make it on this season of Survivor. One of the things that he talked about were the people that were neither Hero nor Villain, but belonged in the ‘What if’ category. I really liked that concept, so I decided to go with the ‘What if’ idea and create two tribes of players that should have gone further in the game and deserve another shot.

In this season, titled Survivor: What If? (yeah, lame, I know) there would be a guy tribe and a girl tribe to start off.

Guys (in alphabetical order)

1. Aaron (Survivor: China). When there was a tribe switch-up, Aaron got voted out. Why? Because the girls threw the challenge just to vote him out. Come on, that sucks.
2. Ace (Survivor: Gabon). Sugar’s a hero? Who knew? Not Ace or Matty. She betrayed them both. She also betrayed Crystal. Gee, guess she’s not so heroic when you look at it. But she’s still very good looking. Anyway, Ace was screwed when he should’ve won the game.
3. Anthony (Survivor: Fiji). Come on, the nerdy kid deserves a shot. I mean, he’s one of those people that gives nerds like me some hope.
4. Brian (Survivor: Guatemala). Again, tribe switch-ups got him voted out. Again, nerdy guy deserves a shot.
5. Hunter (Survivor: Marquesas). He was probably the strongest threat in the game. That’s why he was voted off 4th thanks to Boston Rob’s evil ways.
6. Jeff (Survivor: Palau). Of course, I’m choosing someone who, at the time of his Survivor appearance, lived in Ventura. But, on the same note, he got injured and was voted off due to it. He deserves a shot.
7. Joe (Survivor: Tocantins). Speaking of deserving a shot at the game because of an injury, Joe’s stupid knee was life threatening. He wouldn’t have been the next to go. But it made his old tribe get 1, 2, and 4 respectively.
8. Mike (Survivor: Australia). Injury number 3 on this list. His was the first in the show. Kucha would have won, Pagonged the Ogakor tribe (which would’ve been short Jerri at the merge, duh!). You would’ve seen Jeff, Nick, and Alicia go. Mike would’ve taken 3rd and Elisabeth and Roger in the final two. There’s my dream Survivor right there.
9. Russell (Survivor: Samoa). For Jeff Probst to say that Russell’s medical problem in Samoa was the scariest moment in Survivor history for him, it says a lot. Russell was literally crying as were millions of Americans I’m sure. Well, not his wife, she was freaking out, I’m sure.
10. Ryan S. (Survivor: Pearl Islands). Poor Ryan was screwed from the get go. He’s nerd number 3 on this tribe and he should’ve been the returning member from the Outcast tribe, not Lill.

Honorable Mentions: Andrew (Pearl Islands), Joel (Borneo), Jamie (Guatemala), Marcus (Gabon)

This guy’s tribe has 3 nerds, 4 merge screw-overs, and 4 injuries (Note: Brian counts as a nerd and a merge screw-over). I think they all deserve a second shot. One thing to note, no former jury members. The same is not true of the girl tribe.


1. Amy (Survivor: Guatemala). This chick was another merge screw-over casualty along with Brian. Of course, Gary voted her out too.
2. Betsy (Survivor: Samoa). This is only because Jeff Probst called her the nicest person that shouldn’t have been let go so early in the game. Of course, if I recall Amy and Betsy were both cops. That’d be awesome to see these two on a tribe together.
3. Candace (Survivor: Tocantins). I really don’t know why. I just think Coach screwed her over too quickly.
4. Christy (Survivor: Amazon). Give it up to the deaf chick for getting 6th place. Yep, my first juror member in this ensemble. Why Christy? First, she’s someone who overcame something to get where she was. No, not her disability, the fact that her tribes didn’t like her really. (Yes, Jenna, you’re nice and all, but you hated Christy, admit it.) Not only that, she voted for the person who won the game (Jenna) even though she swore she’d never vote for Heidi or Jenna to win. Jeff asked Jenna and Matt who they thought they got votes from. Matt assumed he got Christy’s. She went out pissed, but ended up losing in style.
5. Eliza (Survivor: Vanuatu). If Jenna was the person voted out instead of Christy in Amazon, then maybe. But Eliza has been on like a million tribes (ok, maybe 6) and doesn’t seem to be liked on any of them. She only got 4th out of necessity. But really, Chris and Julie and her would’ve made a better final three. But Chris deserved to win that season, reversing Jenna’s fortune in Amazon. Anyway, Eliza was screwed in Fans vs Favorites. I would’ve aligned with her.
6. Gretchen (Survivor: Borneo). Um…yeah…she deserved to win that game. Especially for putting up with the 20-year olds.
7. Kim (Survivor: Palau). Hopefully she can ‘not’ go to a tribal council for a change. 4 in a row. Finally gets voted out on the 4th. Plus, she had romantic interest in Jeff. That’d be funny to watch after all these years that they’re not together.
8. Mary (Survivor: Micronesia). Stupid fans tribes. Play the game to win first, then play the strategies. She didn’t deserve to go.
9. Michelle (Survivor: Gabon). Maybe she’ll be able to play the social game better. Maybe join forces with Eliza, Christy, and Kim. She was actually pretty cool.
10. Sylvia (Survivor: Fiji). Like Kim, she was on a losing tribe. Sylvia was an awesome architect. But she definitely deserves another shot for being intelligent.

Honorable Mentions: Lisi (Fiji), Michelle (Fiji), Brianna (Guatemala), Sydney (Tocantins), Lisa (Vanuatu).

So, this tribe is different. You’ve got 2 former jury members that were used and abused (Christy and Eliza). You’ve got two cops that are tough enough to last. You’ve got two girls that were screwed by being on losing tribes. There are three that were just picked off at the beginning for no really good reason that their episodes showed. And you’ve got one that lost because she was a threat and there was an alliance going on (Hatch!).

There it is. Guess what I”m going to be watching tonight.

The answer to the previous useless trivia question is the six-cheese bagel from Einstein’s.

Of the 2 people I named, which three would I align with and take with me to the final four?
a) Betsy, Amy, and Brian
b) Eliza, Christy, and Brian
c) Eliza, Christy, and Jeff
d) Ace, Brian, and Jeff
e) Eliza, Christy, and Michelle

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