Writing Excuses Writing Prompt 4.6

Here’s something I’ve never done before, but because I like to write and I think the guys on Writing Excuses are so awesome, I’m going to try to occasionally do a writing prompt from their show. Go to the Writing Excuses website and see what I’m referring to. Here’s the writing prompt that I’m going to go off of today: Someone opens a door, and finds a wet, seeping cardboard box on the doorstep.

Ready. Go.

Opening the door put shivers down his spine. Expecting an enemy, he only saw a cardboard box on the doorstep, seeping an orange ooze that. Mentally debating whether or not he should pick it up, he took a step towards the package. What was it? Who would deliver such a thing? The knock at 1:30 in the morning had awoken him from a dreamless sleep and rattled his bones with fear. Now that he was standing on his porch, he hoped that whoever had delivered the box was long gone. After all, it had taken him a couple minutes to get to the door.

The box was barely shorter than him, the size of a small refrigerator. It was just as wide as one as well. The sides were marked ‘FRAGILE’ in large black permanent marker. The packaging tape was absorbing the orange good, loosening it. There was some writing on its top: THE NEARER YOU GET, THE STRONGER IT IS. He stepped back, fearing whatever the box held for him. The orange ooze confused and intrigued him though. It reeked like a bag of mothballs had been left in a locked cupboard for months and someone had decided to open it, releasing it’s awful scent.

Getting his nerve, he put his hand to the top of the box. The cardboard jerked to his touch. There was something alive in it. That made him not want to touch it again. Ignoring the fear that put knots in his stomach and the bile in his mouth, he pulled up the wet tape from the right side of the box. As if it were a bandage, he ripped it off quickly.

There was a scream from the creature inside the box as whatever it was forced the lid opened. He fell down the four porch steps watching arms fly out of the box. The liquid had weakened the cardboard, and thus made it pliable for the beast inside to force down and away.

He looked up to see it step out of the box and down two steps. He gasped as the being came into the light of a full moon. He wasn’t staring at some strange beast, but at himself.

It spoke, using the voice that mirrored his. “I am here to take your life. And then live it.”

There you have it. That’s my writing prompt. Let me know what you think. Also, there’s no useless trivia with this one since it’s not my post for the day 😉


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  1. Oooh that sounds like a fun site! Maybe I’ll do that once a week or so on my blabber blog.

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