Wait, Wait, Rewind That

Have you ever watched something and laughed so hard that you had to rewind it and watch it again just because it was so funny? Well, I have. And if you haven’t, you must not be watching anything. Good for you and your life! Me, I’m going to share some of the scenes that I deem as so hilarious that I’ve had to rewind it. I’m going to go with three different ones for sake of being such a long-winded person. (Yeah, that was my intro.)

My 1st one is from a tv show that probably nobody watched. It was called “The Class” and was only on for one season. You see, the problem was, the creators of “Friends” wanted to come up with an ensemble show about a group of people that met in 2nd or 3rd grade and had their lives go completely different directions since then. It was a fairly funny show, and I was somewhat sad that it bombed. That’s ok, “The Big Bang Theory” took its place. Anyway, there was one episode where this annoying chick, who was a newscaster, was covering a storm. Her gay ex-boyfriend and his partner were watching it. Well, during the storm, a stop sign flies by. Well, it flies into her. (Think of the L.A. tornado scene of “The Day After Tomorrow.”) What makes it funnier is what the gay ex-boyfriend says after she’s hit on the live television broadcast. “Oh no!…We have to rewind that!” And they watch her get ‘fwapped’ again.

The second one comes from ‘The Office’. Honestly, I’m not the biggest ‘Office’ fan. I think it’s a funny show, but at the same time, I think it’s a dumb show. I can’t stand Michael Scott. Dwight’s antics can sometimes bug the crap out of me. And thank goodness Jim and Pam didn’t wait until the 10th season to get together (aka Ross and Rachel) or the 8th season to finally get together (aka J.D. and Elliott). Those storylines get old after awhile. Anyway, during the 3rd season’s “Benihana Christmas” Pam gives Jim the gift of choosing Dwight’s first CIA mission orders: wait on the roof of the office building and a helicopter would come pick him up. Eventually Jim or Pam send Dwight a text stating that he had been compromised and to destroy the phone. At which case, Dwight throws the phone from the roof as far from him as possible. I don’t know why Mary and I laughed so hard, but we did. And we had to rewind it in order to get some more laugh’s in.

And finally, there’s the 7th-season episode of Friends titled “The One with the Truth About London”. Really, it’s the side storyline that’s the most humorous. Rachel has taught Ben some pranks, to which, Ross is furious with her. Eventually, Ross leaves Ben with Rachel and when he turns to leave, Rachel discovers a piece of paper with the word ‘Poop’ on Ross’ back. After a small argument between Ross and Ben about pranks, the two run out of Rachel’s apartment and up the stairs. Well, Ross tosses a ‘dummy Ross’ from the stairs while screaming, as if he is falling down the stairs. Rachel’s reaction is so hilarious as she screams and goes around in a circle. Honestly, Jennifer Aniston does a good job of playing ‘petrified for friend’s life’ in the scene. It makes you believe, not that Ross has fallen, but that she thinks that Ross has fallen. There has not been a time when I watched this episode on dvd that I didn’t rewind it at least once to watch Rachel scream again. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

The answer to my last post’s question is Robert Jordan. I don’t know why. Just seeing a collection of 12 or more books of 700+ pages each makes me think it’d take me one year of doing nothing but reading, eating, and sleeping to be able to get through them all. I made sure sleeping was in there because I’m certain that I’d fall asleep a lot while reading them.

Today’s useless trivia question is: There are 18 Survivors left on Survivor: Fans vs Favorites. Who am I rooting for to win?
a) Boston Rob
b) Rupert
c) Amanda
d) Courtney
e) Any one of the above is ok with me.

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