Being Bored While Winning, Having Fun While Losing

I know that most of you who read this don’t play Magic. Even so, this blog isn’t really about Magic. It’s about the fact that you can hate winning and love losing and not have to feel like there’s something wrong with you.

So, let’s start with the backstory to this. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to play Magic, thanks to my friend Bill. He’s a pretty awesome guy. Anyway, the event was called a draft. What you do is you open a pack of magic cards, take one card and pass the pack to the next player. You do this with three packs. In the end you have about 45 cards to build a 40-card deck with. After that you play 3 “Best-2-out-of-3” rounds.

My first round, I played this kid that either didn’t know how to play or hoped he would get a tie and was purposely stalling to that point. I hated beating him, only because it wasn’t fun playing against him. He took forever on his turns, even though he was screwed and knew it. Finally, time expired and we were forced to take our last five turns. He was nauseatingly slow at his first turn. Then I beat him my next turn and prayed I never had to play him again.

For round 2, I played Cody (which I lost). Well, Cody is one who I’ve played against a few times. He taught me how to draft during my second outing at playing Magic. But, over the last two years, I’ve learned how to play a lot better. My deck wasn’t bad and could have beat his. But we had fun as he beat me. He’s not a bad winner. After the game was done I jokingly called to Bill “Cody is bragging about beating me 2-0”. I got a good laugh from everyone around me.

Round 3 was against Derek. I lost this one as well. But Derek is one of my favorite opponents. He and I always have good games. The first game of his 2-0 win wasn’t too difficult. He got the perfect setup that was too much for me. However, the second game didn’t see the same result. It took him a long time to beat me. And when he thought he had me, he didn’t. I came really close to beating him. One error on my part, if I had thought about further, would’ve saved me. But again, I’d almost rather lose to Derek than beat that other kid.

Why is that? I really don’t care about winning (except if you win more, you get more packs). I really hated winning that first round. That kid was annoying to play against and I really wished he would’ve just realized that he was no match for me. (Yes, I take a lot of pride in that small victory in that.) But, he was boring to play against.

Rule #1: It’s only a game. Winning doesn’t mean you’ll claim “I’m the best”. But if you’re going to lose, have fun losing.

Rule #2: If you’re going to play against me, please have fun. I’m not there to brag. I’m not there to say “look-at-me, look-at-me.” I’m there to have fun (and win if I can.)

Rule #3: Don’t stall. Everyone hates you if you do. If you’re worrying about your rating when you’re not deemed anywhere remotely close to being the best, then you need to go home and make up your own game where you can be have the highest rating. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Rule #4: Quit whining!

Useless trivia time. Honestly, the answer is “any of the above”. I’m sure that through the season, I may have more people that I hate and people that I like. But right now, Survivor is awesome to watch with these (now) 18 past players.

There are five colors of Magic: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green. What is my favorite two-color combination?
a) white & black
b) blue & red
c) black & green
d) red & white
e) green & blue