Magic Powers

Magic has always been something that I’ve been interested in. No, I’m not referring to Magic: The Gathering the card game (although I am interested in it and do enjoy playing it). I’ve always wished I could perform magic. And I’m not talking the David Copperfield kind of stuff (although he’s very talented and even I could just do what he does, it’d still be a thousand times cooler.) I’m talking about what you read about in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or any of the countless fantasy novels out there.

I’m not talking about anything wiccan or priestcraft. I’m talking being able to cast a spell, wave a wand, but not really fly on a broomstick. But being able to fly would be cool. Yeah, there are some people that think I’m going against my religion by saying this. Except, I’m really not. There’s a scientific theory (and maybe it’s more truth than theory) that we only use 10% of our brains. (Yes, I know the joke that there are some people using less.) Anyway, what about that other 90%. What can it do? I think, it can do what western civilization would deem to be magic.

I think that if we hit full capability, we’d be able to perform telekinesis and to speak telepathically with one another. I believe that we wouldn’t need cars to take us where we want to go because we’d be able to find a way to fly there or something.  I don’t know that we’d be able to freeze time or travel through time. But I’m sure we may be able to do other amazing things like: regenerate our bodies faster from wear, tear, and injury, need less sleep, hold the ability to speak 24 different languages, and countless other random concepts. I doubt we’d be able to shoot fireballs from our hands (like the demons in Charmed). Maybe we’d even hold the capability to see the immediate future. Maybe we really could move mountains. Maybe science would take on a whole new meaning. As would religion.

I’ve always wished that I’d be discovered by some random wizard who wishes to teach me my full potential of my magic. Not that I can do anything more than play ‘pick-a-card, pick-a-card, pick-a-card’ (that’s a reference for my wife). But it’d be awesome to have this great potential and apprentice myself to some wizard. Oh well, guess I better get back to reality.

What magic powers do you wish you had?

Speaking of magic, that was used in yesterday’s question. The answer is black and green. I’m really not sure why. Black is full of death and green is full of growth. Maybe I just like the oxymoron that it creates.

Today’s useless question: Who am I rooting for most as the NCAA tournament approaches?
a) BYU
c) Utah State