Now, I’m Gonna Let You Finish

Yep, that’s a nice quote from Kanye West. Yep, Taylor Swift, looking cute as can be and pretty hot, got all flustered when she had the microphone stolen from her by this weirdo. Of course, it took me five days after the Grammy’s (it was the Grammy’s right) to actually see this event. I don’t normally watch awards shows, not in about ten years. And yeah, I honestly have to say that I had no clue who Kanye West was. And then Beyonce, looking good as well, got up there to accept her award and in the classiest move in all of entertainment history, let Taylor Swift truly finish her speech.

But you know what I discovered recently. Kanye’s music is actually pretty good. I thought he was some hardcore rapper. But I really have to admit that his music isn’t that bad. ‘Heartless’ is a good song. So is ‘Love Lockdown’. But today’s post isn’t about how good Kanye is. Or really, it’s not that much about him. No, it’s going to be my top 10 Kanye impressions.

10. (Survivor) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, Sugar, but I think Tina did a much better job at being the first all-star being voted out. She at least won the game her time out.”

9. (Scrubs)  “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, Scrubs, but I think that Ally McBeal was more original with the whole ‘showing the main character’s imagination’ idea, even though your show has lasted a lot longer.”

8. (Video Rentals) “Now, I’m definitely gonna let you finish, Hollywood Video, but I think Blockbuster did a much better job at filing bankruptcy first.”

7. (Reality Shows) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish,The Real Housewives of ____, but really, truly, Temptation Island deserves the title of the most worthless train wreck reality show to watch.”

6. (ABC ‘Repeats’) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, maybe a season or two, FlashForward, but Lost had a much better ‘confuse the heck out of people’ concept for a show that will build a fan base and then disappoint its audience episode by episode.

5. (Olympics) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, but I really shouldn’t, John and Sinead Kerr, but I think that Tonya Harding had a much more insane Olympics by hiring people to take out Nancy’s knee. Oh, and the shoelace thing, even better for her. You’re just two siblings macking on the ice.”

4. (Writing) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, Brandon Sanderson, but Stephenie Meyer’s popularity as an LDS (Mormon) author came on a lot stronger than yours did.”

(Note: I am a fan of Sanderson, even though I’ve never read his books. I have heard him speak multiple times at writers conferences and I do have every intention to read his books. I’ve never read Meyer and still don’t plan to.)

3. (Sports Figures) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish, Tiger, but Michael Phelps partying with the pot got him off the Wheaties boxes faster.”

2. (Late Night) “Now, Conan, I’m gonna let you finish…Nah, I won’t.

1. (Battle of the Stars) “Now, I’m gonna let you finish Star Trek, but Star Wars did a much better job at ruining its franchise by making prequels.”

Well, that’s it. Just a little fun to push us through the rest of the week.

So, of course I’m rooting for Utah State. I actually went to that school. I do have to agree with Casey that UCSB being in the final four would be awesome. Of course, I have to agree with her that the chances of that happening are as high as my sister dying her hair blond.

Today’s question is: There are three official languages of Belgium. French and Dutch are two of them. Can you name the third?
a) English
b) German
c) Spanish
d) I’m lying, there are only two.


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  1. *cough* MTV Video Awards *cough*

    B. German.

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