Two Topics, One Day, Part I – Utah Drivers

I couldn’t decide between the two topics that I have for today. I really couldn’t. And the best thing about them is they have nothing to do with one another. So, I’m going to write two blogs for today. This first one is about ‘Utah Drivers.’

In Utah between Spanish Fork and Ogden (which is where about 60% of Utah residents live) there is something called the HOV lane. (It is commonly referred to as a ‘carpool’ lane, but whatever.)

Well, I don’t think most people understand what this lane is for. Let me help you there. This lane is to help ease the flow of traffic so those with passengers in the car to get to their destination faster. This lane is a benefit for not driving alone. In other words “QUIT DRIVING 45 MPH IN THIS LANE!!!!” Only in Utah have I ever seen someone not going the speed limit in this lane. I don’t understand. This lane is an excuse to go faster and constantly people are using it to go slower. If you want to go slow, get all the way to the right. Duh!

Now, my friend Jeremy is going to say (if he hasn’t already) “If you don’t like it, then leave.” My response to him is “Did I say that I hate Utah? NO!” I don’t hate Utah. I don’t hate the people in Utah. I honestly don’t like the way these 2,000+ drivers can’t seem to understand why the rest of traffic is illegally changing lanes out of the HOV lane to pass them. That’s what I don’t like. I like it here. I just don’t like it when people want to ruin the benefits that have been granted to me.

As is my new tradition, feel free to post your gripes against how other drivers ruin things for you. Go ahead, post something. I like having comments. It shows that people like me. Well, not really. But still, I like knowing that people have opinions.


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  1. I honked at a tourist from Wyoming on the highway on Saturday because they were driving so friggin slow.

  2. I have much to complain about… but it isn’t about driving.

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