Isn’t phantasmagoria the coolest word? And the best thing is, this blog has nothing to do with phantasmagoria. But click on the word earlier and enjoy reading its definition.

So, there’s a contest on this site to win a free book from a nice selection of Y.A. authors. I’ve entered in as many times as I can so far. Of course, if I win I’d want a copy of The Maze Runner by James Dashner. One day I’ll own that book. Of course, I have read/listened to it. But still, I don’t own it. Then I can go to one of his book signings and get it signed. Then I can be the dorkiest fan of James Dashner. (Someone has to be.) Oh, speaking of giveaways. This very pink blog is also doing a giveaway. And there are a couple books on there that I’d like. Again, one is The Maze Runner. Hey, if I don’t have to buy it, more power to me. (The other book I’d want is Bran Hambric, I’m sure you thought it was Evermore based off the cover.)

Today, I am brainstorming in my spare time. Of course, I don’t know that I have spare time. And I think my brain has leaked out after looking at too many useless blogs that think they’re funny. (ok, some are.) I keep wanting to write something new, except, I can’t come up with something that I’m passionate about enough to write. Yeah, it kinda sucks. I get going and seem to get nowhere. I keep going through different ideas and different concepts that I want to write about. I’m just not sure if I really care about any of them. The most annoying thing is that the ideas I have are all in different genres. Well, different sub-genres at least.

I’ve got an epic fantasy (That I’m calling Malashi and have been since I was 14). There’s a speculative time-travel story (That I’m calling A Time to Stop.) There’s a speculative ghost story (calling Ghost.) Oh and another speculative ghost story (calling this one The Secrets of Ludlow Mansion.) And then there’s a horror type story (called 1313 Elm Street) that I really don’t know what to do with. There’s a middle-grade/ya fantasy that I thought about (No title but it uses pre-established characters named Alice, Dorothy, and Peter and combines them in one story. My last note I made on this said “Really lame storyline ensues.” Definitely needs some work.) There’s another ya/epic fantasy (The Children of Ruln) that I started once upon a time and got nowhere with. Oh, and then there was a modern-day fairy-tale (Snow White) that really sounded dorky, chick-flicky, and not somewhere I ever thought I’d want to write (and still don’t really want to write it.)

Well, I guess I’m out of ideas. Yeah, it looks like it up there. For some reason, none of them motivate me. I don’t know, do any of them intrigue you?


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  1. Maybe you should work on San Buena.

  2. I vote for time travel!

  3. Phantasmagoria is an awesome album too by a very cool band!

  4. […] my thoughts on Dashner. If not you can check out one of my many posts where he is mentioned: here, here, here, the question here, here, or here.) Tomorrow, I’m going to go to my first writing group […]

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