Let’s Hear It For (Your Team Name)

There are only going to be 65 college basketball teams that are ‘happy’ after this weekend. That’s because only 65 teams will play in the NCAA Tournament. One of them will win. Who’s it going to be? If I was a betting man (and sometimes I am, just not a lot) I would probably be putting money down on Kansas. But that’s me.

Of course I won’t get to watch Survivor next week due to the tournament. Rest assured, I am shedding internal tears.

There are a few teams that I’m rooting for to make the tournament still. Namely: Utah State, BYU, UCSB, and if UCLA can pull off more upsets.

Who are you rooting for?

Oh, and this blog isn’t done yet. Why? Because I still have some Survivor stuff to write. I love that the Heroes tribe is full of villains and the Villains tribe is full of heroes. It’s funny that I hate the Heroes so much now (minus Colby) that I’m actually rooting for Boston Rob to win. There are 15 people left in this game. You’ve got 3 Heroes that have never made it to the end (Rupert, Candice, and hobbly James), which is good for them. But you’ve also got former winner JT, finalist Colby, and two-time finalist Amanda. The Villains tribe has its own 3 never-finishers (Jeri, Coach, and Tyson). There are 2 drastically different winners (Parvati and Sandra). And there are four second-placers (Russell, Dani, Rob, and Courtney). (I forgot about Courtney initially because she’s done nothing so far in true Courtney fashion, and still remained awesome.)

Honestly, I hope the Heroes tribe just continues to lose. Colby would go next (out of stupidity), then JT (again, out of stupidity), then Rupert, then Candice, then James and then Amanda can understand how Stephanie felt to be all alone.  On the Heroes-er-Villains tribe, I really want to see Russell get voted out. He’s never been voted out (neither have Amanda, JT, Dani, Courtney, and Sandra for that matter). But he’s someone that I couldn’t wait to see gone last season and I’m hoping that he doesn’t get to pull the wool over people’s eyes again. Of course, based off the preview for the next episode, they showed too much Villains stuff so I’m guessing Colby from the Heroes is gone.

Oh, but wait, there’s more. The NBA season is coming to a close. The Lakers finally won a game Tuesday. Phew, glad that’s over. I’ve got a friend that thinks the Jazz are going to end in the #3 slot so they’d have to play the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. I don’t think that’s going to happen because…what does Macy Gray say?….”I try and I choke.” Something like that. Anyway, the Hollinger Playoff Odds, something that I follow closely (and quietly) this time of year, show some interesting ‘odds’. Pretty much the West is full with the Lakers, Denver, Utah, Dallas, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Portland. The sleeper there? I say Oklahoma City. There first round would currently be against Utah. (I’m guess the Jazz will end up with Phoenix for real though.) If Oklahoma City could defeat the Jazz, they’d be up against Denver. Denver seems to be doing well, but I think Oklahoma City could take them. If so, they’d be playing one of the best teams in the Lakers. Well, I’ll leave it there, otherwise my sister will kill me. Well, I’ll say that I think the NBA Finalist representing the West would still be the Lakers.

Out in the East the eight teams currently slated for the playoffs are Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Milwauke, Miami, Charlotte, Toronto. My prediction? I’d hate to say it, but Atlanta. Why? I don’t know. More randomness. In the past decade the Lakers have played in the finals against Indiana, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Detroit, Boston, and Orlando. Come on, they haven’t played the same team twice in that ten-year span….gotta continue that. Not to mention that in 1991 the Lakers played the Bulls (and sadly lost to Jordan et al). So, from 1991 to today, that’s 7 different teams that the Lakers have faced in the finals. Let’s give them something new of course.

Ah, NCAA, Survivor, NBA. Still shedding a tear for the lack of football (and next week’s lack of Survivor), but I can survive since the TV gods (gurus, whatever) have given me three things I can still enjoy 🙂

Rooting for anyone? Or just that I come up with something random and fun like yesterday’s blog?


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  1. Go Gauchos!
    Go Nuggets!
    Go Dodgers — wait that’s not basketball…

  2. No survivor? What will we do with the time? Basketball? Why is there always something? Oh, well, basketball is actually the ONE sport I enjoy watching.

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