The Ides of March Madness Part II

Yesterday I gave my predictions of the West and South round one games. Today I’ll be doing the Midwest and East games.

So, let’s start with the Midwest:

#1 Kansas vs #16 Lehigh: Kansas, enough said.

#8 UNLV vs #9 Northern Iowa: I’m going to have to say that even though the Runnin’ Rebels lost to San Diego St in the Mountain West finals, that this team is still hot. UNLV.

#5 Michigan St vs #12 New Mexico St: Part of me wants to say that New Mexico St will win. But I don’t see that upset really coming. They sought revenge against Utah State in the WAC finals. Michigan St is just a better team. It could be tight if New Mexico gets in a good groove in the second half.

#4 Maryland vs #13 Houston: I think it’d be a good upset for Houston. But I think the Terps have this one.

#6 Tennessee vs #11 San Diego St: San Diego St is my sleeper team of the Final Four. If any #11 team makes it to the end, it’s going to be them. Big schools Minnesota and Washington are decent teams, but San Diego St is on fire.

#3 Georgetown vs #14 Ohio: If San Diego St beats Tennessee they’d have a tough time beating Georgetown because I’m sure that’s who they’d have to play.

#7 Oklahoma St. vs #10 Georgia Tech: I’m expecting Oklahoma St to show that they’re better than people give them credit for. I just don’t expect them to do it here. I actually pick the upset for Georgia Tech.

#2 Ohio St vs #15 UC Santa Barbara: I’d love to pick UC Santa Barbara to be the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament. But I’m a bit of a realist. Ohio St is sadly going to win. IF UCSB wins this one, I’m betting they’d win the second round as well.


#1 Kentucky vs #16 East Tennessee St.: Kentucky, good enough answer for you?

#8 Texas vs #9 Wake Forest: I don’t think a 9 beating an 8 is an upset. Nor have I thought any team beating a team with one ranking higher than them is an upset. Wake Forest beating Texas shouldn’t be deemed an upset if it happens, which I’m predicting.

#5 Temple vs #12 Cornell: For some reason, I’m going to say Cornell. This is an upset.

#4 Wisconsin vs #13 Wofford: I don’t think I’ve heard of Wofford before this? Where is it? Anyone know? You’ll have to be quick because Wisconsin’s knocking them out of the tournament in round 1.

#6 Marquette vs #11 Washington: I’d love to pick the Huskies. But I’m going to say that Marquette has the better shot here.

#3 New Mexico vs #14 Montana: Hmm…….New Mexico with their #3 ranking will be out in round two against Marquette. Which means I’m saying they get to round two.

#7 Clemson vs #10 Missouri: I don’t know why. The last few years I’ve picked Missouri as a final four contender. This year, I’m not. No round two for ole Mizzou.

#2 West Virginia vs #15 Morgan St.: I’m going to guess that my brother-in-law would be annoyed if I picked this as the big upset of the tourney. So I’m going to sit comfortably and say West Virginia will take this one.

That’s it for round 1. I’ll be doing a blog Saturday morning (hopefully) for my round 2 picks.

Any thoughts on where I’m off from either day?

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