Kiss Me, I’m an Alien

Ok, I’m not an Alien, but I can use “Hug me, I’m Hungarian.” I think I’ll just use that one all day. If anyone wants to make me a cool little button with the Hungarian flag and the words “Hug me, I’m Hungarian” on it, that’d be awesome. Then I can wear that every St. Patrick’s Day as my green. (If you’re not well-learned, the Hungarian flag has green on it.)

So there’s this contest to come up with the worst story tagline/logline. I’m definitely going to try and come up with two. The contest is brought to you by the Guide to Literary Agents blog. This has been the most useful blog that I’ve followed lately.

In other worthless news: Stacy Whitman is the first person that I follow on Twitter that does not follow me that actually responded to one of my snarky comebacks that I sent her direction. Before my hero James Dashner or the awesome Brandon Sanderson. Either way, Stacy Whitman is awesome. I met her at LTUE and thought she was pretty cool. I had to listen to her try and defend going through publishers instead of self-publishing. I congratulated her after that panel on a job well done for defending her profession. This one guy was a jerk. Oh, I should add that Stacy Whitman created Tu Publishing, which is now Tu Books, an imprint of Lee and Low Books. Tu is actually a publisher that I’m not going to try to go through since my material doesn’t fit what they’re looking for. However, I’m trying to come up with a book that uses Hungarian lore and try to mix it with something else non-western. *shrug* I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of writing: Eli and the Amethyst is still plugging along. I’m still waiting to hear back from some agents. With this last set of material I sent off, I read that one of the agencies requested at least 3 months before they got back to me. I lost track how long ago that is now. So, I’m just going to move forward and try and finish the last revisions of my ‘first 50 pages’ and send to those agencies. And then, I’ll get my last revisions done and send it to the last few agents that ask for a complete manuscript. If this doesn’t work out, then I’ll be moving on to my next project. Even though I’ve started different ones, I can’t figure out what I want to go with. 😦

Anyway, all comments are welcomed here. Well, not all comments. But random funny ones always are welcomed.


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  1. You didn’t mention the Mormon button. 😦

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